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6 Best Progressive Video Poker Tips

6 Best Progressive Video Poker Tips

Progressive video Pokers are a bit different than the normal video Pokers. Most of them have kind of a constant fixed paytable. The paytable never changes, and thus a high pay will always punter a 1 for 1, and so on. Progressive video poker players, on the other hand, keep on adding money to the jackpot with the progress in the game and as the players continue to play the machine. So if you are a progressive video Poker lover, you have come to the right place. This article will tell you about all the progressive video Poker tips that you will need while playing the article. 

The Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Remember these tips to stay ahead of others in the game. So let’s start with the progressive video Poker tips.

1. You need to Find Out when You Should Play

It is vital to know when you should be playing the game, as the returns vary with different scenarios. The return is going to be even more in non-progressive video Poker than a progressive video Poker if the jackpot is near to the 4000 value jackpot credits. It is even low at the 6000 points credit range. So know your timing perfectly. 

Obviously, such changes decrease if you are playing for a much shorter duration. Here in these kinds of games, most of the punters love to go for the jackpot. You either go for a royal flush or any other hand likewise. 

2. Finding the Proper Playable Game

In most of the cases, the game gets better with a higher amount of jackpot. But the common problem here will be that a game with a high jackpot amount doesn’t occur so easily. You may lose a majority of your time finding the right game to play. 

There is kind of a limited window for the progressive video Poker. So if you see a jackpot approaching a particular amount, understand that the other players are also noticing the same. So if you are thinking of setting your jackpot too high for making an entry in the game, be prepared if you end up getting no seats at the game. 

3. Bankroll Management for your Progressive Video Poker

Let’s say that you are having thoughts of playing Jacks or Better games in a progressive environment at credits of around 6000 and higher. In such a case, you will need a good amount of money, with chances of around a 50 per cent increase in your bankroll. Therefore, there needs to be proper bankroll management. If you are thinking of playing for a limited time period,  then your bankroll can still be pretty much under control.

You should be keeping at least a nice couple of thousand bucks with yourself while playing the progressive video Poker. But don’t just go on a spending spree. Having said that, it is going to be frustrating if you run out of money while the other few players hit the final jackpot. So maintain a balance and keep some thousands to be on the safe side. 

4. Understanding the Need of Change in Strategies

As the game is progressive in nature, you need to change your strategies with the progress of the game. You must think of the royal flush now and start strategizing your game for hitting the same. You can definitely prepare a strategies chart for the progressive video Poker game, that should include all the pre-planned fluid strategies according to the changing conditions of the game. 

You may increase the amount of the jackpot by almost 1000 credits. Try to take help of the chart when you are playing the actual game, and look for the chart that closely matches your jackpot amount. 

But for this purpose, you need to have a progressive video Poker strategy application. So if you don’t have such an app, do download it right now, as this can help you a lot in winning the game. 

5. Try Testing Your Skills

A punter must try testing his or her skills before playing any casino game. There are several online applications for progressive video Poker. Try to play on such platforms to understand where you stand. There can be various offers and bonuses that may help you in the beginning. You may aim at configuring your game at around 6000 credits and start playing the game. 

6. Trying the Strategy Royals Only

This strategy can help any player who is participating in the progressive video Poker tournament. The time is extremely limited and you will most likely be spending a lot of money in the pursuit of the royal flush. Again, a player’s bankroll is hardly affected by losing each and every hand.

But, neither of the above said conditions are true in a progressive video Poker game. You must be making the most of each hand for making it to your target, which is nothing but the royal flush. 

So what can be Deduced?

You can realise that in the majority of the situations, playing a video Poker game is not worth the time, efforts or money. But still, if you want to try your hands at the game, make sure you have a few thousands to play several hands. Otherwise, if your bankroll slowly tends to nill, while the other player gets the jackpot only by a margin. 

Also, you need to find a proper game to play at first. This is your primary task if you are looking for a progressive video Poker game. Remember the tips discussed, and thus try to prepare the strategies’ chart. Use the chart which has the best match with your real-life game. 

So definitely there is a risk involved in this particular type of game. But risks also result in something big, and it is the same case here. You can even win more money than other casino games you play. Thus, it is upon you whether you will take the risk and go for the progressive video Poker game.