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Blackjack under your control: Top 8 common Blackjack mistakes that you need to avoid

Blackjack under your control: Top 8 common Blackjack mistakes that you need to avoid

Blackjack is one of the many casino games that is known all over the world. Today, the popularity of Blackjack or roulette isn’t just limited to the UK or the United States. The casino industry rakes in millions and billions of money from people and different sources. Therefore, you need to be aware of all the minute details regarding the casino game you are playing. This article will illustrate all the common Blackjack mistakes that you must keep in mind while playing this beautiful casino game.

A win at a casino game largely depends on the experience of the player, i.e. his or her intuition of the game, a bit of skill, and lots of luck. Having said that, almost all the players, new or experienced, make some mistakes out of inexperience or overconfidence. Whatever be the reason, you must remember the common Blackjack mistakes to avoid the same and become a pro at the game you love. 

Top 8 Blackjack mistakes that are obstacles to your wins

You make the wrong choice

You need to choose between ‘hit’ or ‘stand’, and even if this seems to be simple, it is not. Most of the players make a mistake in making the right decision at the right time and suffer huge losses of money. There are players though who don’t consider much, before thinking of taking an additional card and try to rely more on luck and probability. Many of them argue that these decisions don’t affect their wins. The reality is something else, and you must think thrice before making a call, especially if you are new to this game. 

You are not adhering to the rules

Experts recommend that if you have a ‘soft 17’, you must be hitting without much thinking. This is a condition when you are having an ace and a six in your hands. If the first two cards are making 17 or more than it, then there isn’t any good reason for going near to 21 and can be a possible situation where you need to stand. 

The other rule says that if it is 12 or less than it, you should always go for a hit. There can be a tad bit risk of being done over by facing a face card, but it’s worth taking the risk.

You don’t know whether to double down or split

If you have two same card numbers, you can play two hands at the same time. This is the concept behind splitting. Many players are unable to use this properly to avail the maximum benefits from splitting. 

There isn’t any specific rule that you can follow blindly in case of splitting. It’s a situation that demands experience to bring the maximum benefits on the table. Having said this, if you’ve two 10’s or two 9’s, you should play with the hand you’ve and not try splitting. The card present in your dealer’s hand will affect your big-time decision.

A gambler must go for a double if he or she has dealt an ace. There is a flexibility of using an ace as 11 or as a one, preventing the player from being busted. The player must avoid a double down if there is an ace on the dealer’s side. 

You go to the wrong table most of the time

Choosing the right table is necessary for you to start your game. The rules remain the same, but the game variants are different. Players having a bankroll on the minimum side should go for tables having lower minimums. Most of the tables go as low as 10 dollars, while some can go even lower. Therefore, your money plays a decisive role in choosing the right table. Tables with a minimum of 100 dollars are specifically for the experienced and high rollers of the game. Bankroll management is the key to a long term success in casino games. 

You don’t play much in online casinos 

Online casinos are gaining a lot of popularity because of their ease of play, flexible features and attractive offers. It’s an amazing opportunity for the new players to understand and hone their skills, given the lower minimum investments that they usually require. Players can play at their own pace and ease without any kind of pressure. Most of the online casinos even offer a welcome bonus and loyalty offers to the players. The flexible gamble rules and the availability of net have brought massive changes in the past few years with highly popular casino games going virtual. A new player should first target to be a pro at the online Blackjack and avoid the common Blackjack mistakes before fixing his or her gaze on the physical form of Blackjack. 

You don’t concentrate much on the payouts

Most of the payouts revolve around the same point. While some have a payout of 6:5, others have a payout of 3:2. It is a difference that you need to reckon if you are playing a dozen hands.  

There is soft 18, and the dealer shows a 6

The smartest decision here is to take a chance and go for a double as the probability of the dealer going busted is good. 

You’re standing on soft 18 when the dealer shows 9

You don’t want to ruin the 18, but if your dealer has got a 9, you should probably hit it. You will later be thankful for taking the decision.

So a final no to Blackjack mistakes?

Blackjack has maintained its fame because of its strategies and the lesser house edges. If you’ve read the article carefully, be confident of playing the game and improve your game with the experience and skills that you’ve mastered. There will be a few losses in the beginning, but you must learn from every game to slowly master Blackjack.