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8 Effective Video Poker Tips That a Casino Player Must Not Ignore

8 Effective Video Poker Tips That a Casino Player Must Not Ignore

Your Video Poker skills make a difference, making it important to know the tips and tricks and understand the game even more. This article will provide you with all the necessary information that you need to excel in this game. Here is your complete guide to your Video Poker game tips. 

Read the article to the very last to understand the tricks. 

But why Video Poker?

In Video Poker, you can play without the pressure of a Live Poker game and, therefore, concentrate on your game even more. The Video Poker comes with a combination of low house edge and still gives a chance of winning big, therefore serving both ends. They offer the highest odds in the casino industry and also gives you the chance to influence your outcomes.

First, let’s understand some general Video Poker rules and tips

  • Always try to play within your means and go for the maximum bet. 
  • Try to stick to Jack or Better Video Poker, avoiding wild-card games as they reduce payouts by a large margin. 
  • Progressive payouts must be the primary thing to look for online, as these help in maximizing profitability. 
  • If you have got casino reward cards, make sure you use them to avail of all the benefits. 

8 Video Poker tips that will increase the chances of your win

Here we’ve provided 8 effective tricks that will increase the chances of your win. Have a look.

  1. Try to play maximum coins that provide you with a full value like 800 for 1, while playing with lesser coins mostly means 250 for 1. You never know what you can get in Royal Flush, but you must hope of earning a full value. 
  2. Always check your pay schedules, and try to keep in mind that for every additional unit you get for a full house pays you an extra 11 per cent. Try to make use of it. 
  3. Knowing your strategy for the game you’re playing is very important, as different Video Poker games demand different strategies. Try to compare two games from beforehand to get a flair idea about how to strategize your game. 
  4. There is numerous software where you can practice before playing the game. Video Poker for winners is one such software among the many others, which will help you understand the importance of skills and know your game even more.  
  5. Winning and losing is a part of every game, which makes it important to understand your bankroll. If you can’t afford to lose a few hundred credits a few times, you can’t afford the stakes. Therefore, it is advisable to play with a decent amount without taking unnecessary risks and be safe in case of any losses. 
  6. You must not forget to study the paytable to be aware of the best payouts for different Video Poker games, which will ensure you choose the right Video Poker with the best RTPs. 
  7. Just like you should play with a balanced amount, you need to fund your game too as at the end of the day, it is a number’s game, and you can’t & sustain without flowing in the money, which is why it’s necessary to maintain a balance between both so that you don’t lose much money too. 
  8. Introspect and learn from your past mistakes and try to obtain a clear picture of the game to avoid the same mistake in the future. 

Optimal Video Poker strategies

There can be different strategies regarding different games and situations. If there are 4 cards to a Royal Flush, you can break it up straight or go for a flush. Flush is a good payout, so you can go for it, and the same thing is for holding a pair of Jacks. 

You will come across a lot of weak hands when you are holding your Royal cards. Always try to choose the low-value cards over your royal cards. 

Sometimes you need to slow down a bit as your main focus should be on making profits. There needs to be an understanding of the game as Video Poker, unlike other online games, is a game where higher more hands mean higher chances of you losing your money. You shouldn’t rush and wait for the right opportunity, especially when you are playing Jacks or Better.  

Things you need to avoid 

  • The Kicker- You need to avoid retaining the kicker while playing Jacks or Better. There is often a misconception that retaining a kicker will ensure the players winning a higher payout. 
  • You must not keep three cards with yourself in the hope of winning a Flush as it will eventually lead to your loss most of the time. 

Understanding Video Poker hand rankings

You can lose when you hit a Royal Flush if you don’t play with the maximum coins for any bet. Most of the Video Poker experts will suggest you play with 5 coins for a bet. 

A few expected RTPs are as follows:

  1. Jacks or Better- 99.54 per cent RTP
  2. Double Double Bonus Poker- 100.07 per cent RTP
  3. Double Bonus Poker- 100.17 per cent RTP
  4. Deuces Wild- 100.71 per cent RTP
  5. Bonus Poker- 99.17 per cent RTP
  6. Joker poker- 100.64 per cent

Final important things to remember

It is really important to practice now that you have learnt about the tips and tricks as Video Poker is a game of probability with varied situations. You can become a master of this game with practice and taking chances. Try to maintain a balance as far as money is concerned and take calculated risks. 

You need to understand which hands you need to keep and break up in Royal Flush, and always try to maximize your use of bonus as those ensure profitabilities to some extent. You can also join a Player’s club where you will come across a lot of other players and have higher chances of earning bonuses. 

So, Video Poker is undoubtedly one of the best casino games, and with the tips provided in the article, you can surely look forward to winning a game.