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Advantage of Playing Video Poker Games

Advantage of Playing Video Poker Games

Players these days have the opportunity to indulge in exciting casino games from the convenience of their homes. The huge diversity of online games makes it quite difficult for players to decide which one to give a try. Players prefer investing their time in games that offer them the chance to broaden their knowledge and develop their skills. One such game is Video Poker which requires reliable strategy along with luck. It is suitable for both experienced players as well as beginners. It is the first choice of several players worldwide as it is both challenging and entertaining. 

Video poker is easy to learn

The basics of Video Poker can be learned in just a few minutes. You do not have to learn any complex rules from any guide to learn how to play this game. You can start the game with Jacks or Better as the payoffs start with a pair. You get five cards and then decide which one to replace or discard. You are then dealt with new cards and get paid off based on the Poker hand you finish with and also based on the paytable.  

A quick-paced game

The pace of the game is truly advantageous. You can play 600-700 hands per hour once you get the hang of the game. A lot of players are fond of this quick pace because the more hands you play, the closer you get to hit the jackpot, which is the royal flush. The game keeps you in constant action all the time.  

Payback percentage is higher than it is for slot machines

Most Video Poker machines offer a payback percentage which is 92 per cent or higher. Even the tight machines have a payback percentage which is closer to 90 per cent. The machines with the right pay tables offer a payback of 98 per cent or more if you follow just the right strategy. The casinos only count on the fact that several players do not employ the right strategies in order to win the game. They also do not offer the same pay tables on all their Poker machines. Mastering the strategies can help you considerably in maximising your payouts.    

You can make the decisions that matter while playing the game

When you play slot machines, your decisions are quite limited to the machine you play and the number of coins you bet. You take your chances in slot machines by putting in your money. This is not the case with Video Poker. The mentally stimulating aspect of the game lets you decide which cards to keep and which ones to discard. Your decisions can raise or lower the house edge. 

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