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American Roulette: Why People Love It So Much?

American Roulette: Why People Love It So Much?

Most people don’t agree that American Roulette is as much fun as the European version. How much difference can an extra slot make? But the fundamental difference between American Roulette and European tables is that extra green slot which has earned it its name. If you are a beginner and have no idea about the American version, you will learn everything about it and why people love it so much.

What Is American Roulette?

Regular players can detect it in a second, but for newbie players, it is hard to understand what makes American Roulette different. An American table has 38 slots. There are numbers in red and black slots from 1 to 36 and two green slots. One is zero, and another is double zero. The rules of the table are simple. You bet on a number, color, or use a strategy, and the dealer throws the ball on the wheel. 

What Makes It Different From European Roulette?

The European Roulette has only 37 slots. Numbers from 1 to 36 and a single green slot with zero. The game rules are the same. Now you must be thinking what difference does an extra slot make? 

In a roulette game, if you bet on a number in the red or black slot, you succeed. You can place a straight bet on a single number, split bet on two numbers, bets on a series of numbers, even numbers, odd numbers, consecutive numbers, etc. You cannot place a bet on zero, as it is neither even nor odd, and is neither in the red or black slot. The house succeeds when the ball stops in the green zone. So, basically, in European Roulette, you have one in 37 chances of succeeding, and the house also has 1 in 37 chances of succeeding. It means there is a 2.71% house edge in European Roulette.

Now understand it for American Roulette. You place the same bets. But now, there are two green slots that you cannot bet on. So now, the house edge increases to 2/38, i.e., 5.26%. It is double that of the European table.

One of the major differences between European and American tables is that European tables return half of the wager to players if the ball lands in the green slot. It further reduces the house edge and compels players to come back.

Why Do People Enjoy American Roulette More?  

The house edge is better, the bets are returned, the chances of succeeding are better, but still, you will find various people in the Vegas Casinos who love American Roulette. The crowd around the tables never thins out. Then, what’s so appealing about the American version? Here are the reasons.

  • You will hardly find any European Roulette tables in the Vegas casinos if you ever visit Las Vegas. There are hardly 6-7 casinos where there is a European table. When roulette traveled to America, Americans added their spice to the game, and it became the new normal in the country. American players have only played the American version. Besides, it’s good for casinos, as the game has a higher house edge. Thus, Americans find their enjoyment in the available game.
  • Many players who have played both the European and American versions would agree that the American version offers cheaper bets. If you play at a European table in Vegas, you will need to book a VIP room, and after that, the minimum bet size will start from $50 or $100. Those who want to try their hand and experience casinos for the first time by placing small bets of $5 or $10 find American Roulette more affordable, and don’t have to deal with the risk of losing hundreds of dollars a minute. In America, you can stick to the European table if you are a high roller.
  • Like Online blackjack, online poker, video slots, etc., online roulette also made its digital debut. It was only a matter of time, and American Roulette was also made available online. Be it offline or online casinos. American tables offer more exciting rewards and prizes and lure more players with their rewards. Thus, people enjoy American roulette more than the European version as they stand a chance of getting some prize instead of losing an expensive bet.
  • Why people love the American version is also backed by another fact that they are easily accessible. Americans have only played this version. They find this game in every Vegas casino, and thus, it is a familiar game for them. Even if there is a European table, they don’t try placing a bet on it, even though the game rules are the same.
  • Digital games are the future of mobile casinos. American Roulette has gained worldwide popularity since it made its digital debut. The exciting rewards, cheaper bets, and the fact that anyone can play them without booking a VIP room or going to the casino have added to their appeal.   

Should You Play American Roulette?

Once you have read the above points, you must be wondering whether you should play the American version or not. If you have the option to choose between American and European tables, the advice is to play at a European table. Yes, the bets are expensive, but your chances are more than those in its rival. Rest is up to you. If you find it interesting, you can play it.

Wrapping Up

The house edge plays an important role in every casino game, and that’s the biggest difference between both the tables. If you have always played the game and you know the difference between both, you can easily make your choices. But people do enjoy the American version, and it is worth trying a hand.