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An Extensive Lowdown of Pragmatic Play Live Casino Dealer Tables

An Extensive Lowdown of Pragmatic Play Live Casino Dealer Tables

Since the growing success of live casino tables, several tech vendors have gotten in on the action. Their background, experience, quality and efficiency may be different, but they all give us the same game that we all know and love! Although they may be new to the party, Pragmatic Play's tables have rapidly increased in popularity. It is easy to see why the standard is top-notch.

The business launched its proposal in 2019. They started with a wide range of releases. The vast majority were focused on Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. As their live casino games became more popular, new things were also added. .Popular variants of existing titles such as Speed Baccarat and Roulette Macau are among the most recent ones.

All are looking forward to seeing the latest titles appear in their library in the future! If you are a fan of Pragmatic Play slots, but you have never put your hands in other casino games, their collection is worth checking out. All of their live casino entries offer the same quality we see from their slots. All of them are streamed directly from their studio in Bucharest to ensure that everything is running smoothly. This article will cover a couple of their tables, their working procedure, their quality, and if they are worth checking out.

About Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play was founded in 2015, originally focusing primarily on slots. They moved into the live casino market in early 2018 when they purchased well-known developer Extreme Live Gaming. Previously owned by the Novomatic Group, Extreme Live operate their studio out of London, UK. This is where Pragmatic Play continues to host the studio, except with their new name. This arrangement allowed Pragmatic to also take advantage of Extreme’s pre-existing UK licence, meaning they will have no trouble providing games to the UK market. Having their studios based in London ensures many of the live dealers here are less heavily accented and speak more fluent English than some other live casino providers. Some big-name online casinos that use Pragmatic Play software include Mr Green and Leo Vegas.

Games offered by Pragmatic Play Live

The majority of Pragmatic games are streamed from their London-based studio, but the company also features the so-called Live Box – an exciting hybrid of land-based and online gambling made possible by broadcasting directly from the casino floor.

It’s kind of like getting to play in some of Europe's popular casinos, such as Casino Admiral in Gibraltar, without having to set foot out of one’s home.

Extreme live dealer games will load quickly and rarely experience freezing. They are broadcasted in HD, combining high video and audio quality with a user-friendly interface which allows players to control sound, turn cameras on and off, and adjust video streaming quality.

The importance of the social element has been recognised and Live Chat functionality offered as a tool to interact with other game participants. Well-constructed Lobby displays available games grouped by type, indicating the language spoken by the dealer and the respective table’s betting limits. The multi-game tab allows one to pick 3 Roulette variants to play simultaneously.

Live Blackjack

Pragmatic Play offers one variety of Blackjack, standardised over three tables. Unlike other software providers, Pragmatic Play’s Live Blackjack has a limited number of seats. There is a seven-seat total, and one player can occupy multiple positions. If you choose to play more than one seat, note that all wagers on one will be duplicated on the other. There are always several tables running, so you should always be able to find a room. However, if you are supremely unlucky, you can take advantage of the Bet Behind feature. This allows you to bet on the hand of a player already seated, although you have no control over their decisions during the game.

At some casinos, you will find a VIP version with higher limits and a differently decorated table, but the gameplay remains otherwise the same. All Pragmatic Play blackjack tables come with seven seats and use eight decks, each one consisting of 52 cards. 

It plays following Vegas rules. Blackjack pays 3:2 when won, and an insurance bet is available. The dealer always stands if they draw a seventeen. The round begins with the betting period, during which you place your bets. You wager on the main bet and side bets separately. You have until the timer ends to make your decisions.

At that point, the dealer will draw two cards for each position currently played, and two for themselves. One dealer hand is visible, while the second remains face down. You can then draw, stand, double down or split. The first three can be played at any time, while splitting is only available if you have a pair.

The live hosts at Pragmatic Play Blackjack tables are more enthusiastic than those from many other online developers. The betting interface is more than adequate. It takes up minimal space without being fiddly to use.

Pragmatic play tables

Side Bets

Aside from betting behind, there are two other side bets available at PP blackjack tables. These are the standard 21+3 and perfect pairs. Perfect Pair is a bet on the kind of pair appearing in your first two cards, either a perfect match of suit colour and pair or some other combination. At PP tables it pays out:

  • Perfect – 25:1
  • Coloured Pair – 12:1
  • Mixed Pair – 6:1

21+3 bets on the likelihood of a poker hand being formed from yours and the dealer’s hand. At PP blackjack tables it pays out the following:

  • Suited Trips – 100:1
  • Straight Flush – 40:1
  • Three of a Kind – 30:1
  • Straight – 10:1
  • Flush – 5:1

House Rules

Since Pragmatic Play standardised their tables, the house rules are the same across them all. These are:

  • Vegas Rules – Dealers pulls two cards and peeks for blackjack
  • Double down but not on splits
  • Split pairs only
  • Split aces can hit once only
  • Dealer stands on all 17s
  • Insurance is offered on dealer’s ace, paying 2:1
  • Blackjack pays a standard 3:2

Live Roulette

The Pragmatic Play's Live Roulette is played on the Huxley wheel, following European guidelines. This implies that there is a single zero and, as a result, a lower house edge. There is an infinite number of positions, unlike the blackjack table. It means that thousands of players can play without any problems at the same time! You do not have to worry, you cannot see other punters' bets, so they will not distract you while you are playing.

The one particular likeable thing about this game is the immersive experience the developers have developed with multiple camera angles. They also swap to keep you focused on the action or the dealer as needed. The quality of the stream is top-notch, making for outstanding video quality.

Furthermore, you can choose to zoom out and minimize the stream window, which allows you to focus on setting up bets. The user interface is quite impressive. It is easy to use and looks elegant. The timer ticking down is a green bar that slowly changes colour as the time for betting runs out. The statistics page is very informative, as well. It tells you hot and cold numbers and allows you to bet on them directly by clicking on the number. You can also customise how far back the statistics page is looking, from the last fifty to the last five hundred rounds.

Live Baccarat

Pragmatic Live Baccarat comes in 3 formats

  • Normal Live Baccarat
  • No commission Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat

Live Blackjack and Live Roulette require a bit of strategy to maximize their profits. In the article on skill versus luck in live casino games, baccarat is offered a bit of both. It is up to you how simple or complicated you want to make this game. Pragmatic Play gives you all the choices you need and lets you decide. All tables come with a toggle allowing you to swap between regular Baccarat and no Baccarat commission. Just press the Super 6 button, and the payouts will be exchanged automatically. The user interface is divided into large squares, giving you a simple distinction for each bet. It tells you straight away what payout you can anticipate.

For the key three bets, you're also offered a percentage that tells you what other punters are betting on. The Big/Small side bet is only available until after 31 hands are dealt to prevent card counting exploits. On both sides of the betting field, you can find roadmaps. The right side roadmap is predictive. You can see how the results would look in case of a future player or banker win. This helps you catch trends before they form: great for gamblers who like that sort of thing! The dealer's draw two cards for each hand, and two cards for the eventual third card. If a third card is not drawn for that round, those cards become the first card for the two main hands.

Other releases

These three games are the primary Pragmatic Play live tables. That said, there are several other releases that we feel are worth mentioning.

Speed Baccarat is visually and functionally identical to their Live Baccarat table. There is one major difference that all cards are dealt face up. This speeds up the pace of each round significantly, which is perfect for more experienced punters. The betting time is also slightly shorter, so you have to be quick with your wagers. That said, if you are looking for a version that is all about Roulette, then Pragmatic Play’s Auto Roulette is the perfect pick for you. There are no gameplay differences compared to their Live Roulette table.

Wrapping up

The developer has managed to meet the demands of the players on every front. The superb video quality, fun games, and engaging dealers are all qualities shared across all of their tables. If you never played one of Pragmatic Play’s releases, then you are missing out.