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Online Blackjack ultimate winning technique- “Advantage Play”

Online Blackjack ultimate winning technique- “Advantage Play”

When you ask someone ‘how to beat the casino legally?’, the answer will most certainly be card counting. And if you ask them to explain this phenomenon a bit, they will not provide a clear-cut answer. Instead, they will tell you how smart you have to be by mentioning MIT Blackjack team. Typical gamblers don’t know the whole truth about card counting or as we call it, the advantage play.

Advantage play is a style of gambling where the player processes all the available information in order to predict upcoming hands and take informed decisions accordingly. Here, we will discuss some forms of advantage play which you can use in online Blackjack.


Flat-out cheating is the first type that we will discuss. In online Blackjack, it’s almost impossible to cheat. However, you can cheat in land-based casinos. Cheating is obviously illegal in most of the states, and people have spent time behind the bar for deceiving tactics. But, if you can pull one out, it gives a significant advantage over the house.

One effective way of cheating is Past Posting. The procedure of performing it is if you get a Blackjack you put extra chips on your wager. With multiple CCTVs around, it is no doubt very tough to accomplish. However, it’s not an impossible task. If you are an excellent swindler, you can try it. 

Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle tracking is a powerful yet tough-to-perform advantage play concept. MIT Blackjack team used it along with card counting. The strategy is identifying zones of cards that usually stay together after the shuffle. 

The basic concept of this tactic is a game where the casino places cut the card in the middle. If this is the case, then that will be an issue for card counters. However, most of the shuffles are flawed, and two halves (upper and lower halves of the cut card) are mixed discreetly. So a watchful player can guess which half will return to the game in the upcoming rounds. 

Ace Locating

Predicting ace hits is also another approach to increase your advantage over the dealer. It may sound an impossible task, but with the correct shuffle prediction, it can be achieved in both offline and online Blackjack. 

Start the process with four players looking after each suit of clubs, diamonds, hearts and spreads. Their job will be to memorize the cards that will be placed above their assigned suit’s ace in the discard tray. After eight rounds of play, all players will remember eight sequences. 

Now, as the second round begins, these players will look for their card sequence. For example, if a player memorized 3 of spreads, 5 of hearts, 8 of clubs in a sequence. Now, whenever these cards come up within a short interval, he or she can assume the ace will follow soon. 

Edge SEdge Sortingorting

Marking the backside of the cards and using them to decide the odds gives you an immense upper-hand against the house. According to the gambling rules and regulations, this is outright cheating. However, when the cards are marked by natural wear or possess a manufacturing defect, that information can be used legally to beat the house. 

Most of the cards have some sort of irregularities in the backside along the borders or edges. Hence, this type of advantage play is named edge sorting. If you watch closely, you can surely find a couple of cards within a deck with distinct identification mark in the back. Those marks can help you decide your bet.

During early 2012, a Poker player named Phil Ivey defeated Crockford’s Casino for almost $12 million with the help of edge sorting techniques. Though casinos are making edge-sorting difficult with each day passing, many individuals still rely on this strategy. 

Card Counting

The most talked-about strategy comes in the last. Card counting in Blackjack has been around since the 1960s. Thousands of people tried counting cards. While most of them have been identified and thrown out of the casino, some players made it big by beating the house for a bulk load of money. Card counting can also be beneficial in online Blackjack games.

Card counting involves keeping a tally of all the high and low-value cards. It allows gamblers to mitigate betting risks up to a certain extent. Contrary to popular belief, card counting doesn’t require extraordinary mental ability and identical memory. A player is not tracking specific cards. Instead, he is tracking the concentration of high and low-value cards to predict upcoming hands. 

Bottom line

If you want to make money from your gambling habit on a regular basis, you have to adopt an advanced advantage play tactics. Also, you have to keep it in your mind that casinos don’t like advantage players. They appoint specialized personnel to identify those who have the edge over them. Hence, It requires some expertise to hold an edge over the house without letting them know.