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How Continuous Shuffling Machines is been used?

How Continuous Shuffling Machines is been used?

Continuous shuffling machines (CSMs) are used by casinos (that offers slot game and other casino games) to avert card counters. It randomises the cards and allows gamblers to play more quickly because the idle time is reduced by automated shuffling. It provides a fairer game through a more thorough shuffling system.  

How continuous shuffling machines work?

Five cards are placed in a continuous shuffling machine and the machine put cards in each deck at random. The shuffling goes on continuously, with the cards already used in the game having a chance to show in subsequent hands. This makes counting less likely to be successful than a deck of cards which is shuffled manually. It uses an elevator type-system which inserts cards into the device’s shelves at random as the machine moves up and down. A random deck is picked by the shuffle master and placed in the dealing shoe. There are different types of CSM and all provide a casino game with an effective, thoroughly random shuffle.

The house edge

The continuous shufflers have no benefit for the players gambling in a live casino. It eliminates card counting for the high-roller and it speeds up the game which is a major disadvantage for the basic strategy player.

Many players felt CSM would likely increase the house edge, but this is not the case. Upon a mathematical analysis of these machines, it was found that there was a slight reduction in the house edge.

Players must keep mind that with a slight reduction in the house edge, there is an increase in the speed of games by 20%. The basic strategy player loses more in the long run as they expose more money to the house edge.

The best way to lose less is by refusing to play Blackjack at casinos that use a CSM for their Blackjack games.

Shuffling when playing at online casinos

Online casinos offer various casino games like Baccarat, online slot, and scratch cards. Determining the shuffling technique in an online casino is more difficult as simulations and algorithms are used mostly.

The things to remember while guessing the shuffling techniques are:

  • Shuffling is done after every hand.
  • If you see the same card twice in a game, the casino is not using traditional methods, and will likely use CSM-styled shuffling.
  • They often use a random simulation program to avoid bias.

Continuous shuffling machines have made it harder for the more experienced player to win but they level this in the game. You should adapt your strategy through a good knowledge of your shuffling method.

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