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Gameplay Differences between Online and Mobile Casino

Gameplay Differences between Online and Mobile Casino

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. In 2018, games accounted for 70% of consumer spending in app stores. Mobile games surpassed PC games, and it is expected that mobile gaming will gain 60% market share of consumer spending by the end of 2019.

The industry is currently focusing on enhancing the mobile gaming experience. This casino guide will explain to you the key differences between online and mobile casinos.

Characteristics of the customer

There is often a distinction between the desktop and mobile player. The PC user is a more serious gambler. He wagers large amounts and enjoys a good level of security provided by the computer. The desktop experience usually offers a wide display, more choices, reliability, better quality and increased control.

The mobile user may be a casual gambler who wagers smaller amounts with fewer risks involved. They value convenience and ease over enhanced features or an immersive experience.

Games and game options

Desktop gaming usually provides a greater selection of choice. This includes the number of games offered (like online slots, blackjack, scratch cards and many more), gaming options and other types of functionality. These limitations may arise in mobile casinos as certain features are not possible to provide on smartphones because of their screen size and storage options.

Online casino games are now made with the mobile phone user in mind. This has reduced the game size and the features are becoming more efficient. Thus, mobile and live casinos have now begun to offer a wide variety of games with more options.

Physical and digital accessibility

With smartphones and tablets, it is possible to access casino games at any time and from anywhere. Mobile casinos are also stripped-down versions of their desktop counterparts.

Certain advanced options are often not available in mobile casinos. Internet access and reliability may also be a concern.

Display, quality & control

As mobile phones are portable, they have a reduced display size. Desktops offer a large screen with the ability to produce high-quality graphics. Due to the screen size and the nature of input methods, controlling the game becomes easy.

A mobile phone has a small display to perform the same task. Thus the level of detail and quality is slightly reduced. It also has fewer control options (a mouse cursor in relation to the phone’s keypad and size of finger). This may be an issue to serious gamblers or players who want a highly immersive experience. This being said, mobile casinos have come a long way and now offer some of the best graphics and sound effects.

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