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A Guide to Colin’s Deck Estimations

A Guide to Colin’s Deck Estimations

While counting cards in an online casino, you must be able to judge the correct number of decks to determine the true count. You need to study the tacks, recognise the correct size in the discount tray and practice to accomplish this.

You have to convert your running count to the true count if you are using a balanced count like the Hi-Lo. You know how to bet and the use of playing deviations as the true count gives you a count per deck.

Read this Colin’s guide to deck estimation and enhance your gameplay instantly.

Divisor to use

There are both practical considerations and philosophical considerations to the use of divisor in online casinos that offer casino games like Blackjack, online slots, Baccarat, scratch cards and many more.

Practical considerations

The complex is not always better.

More complex can cause more error. Most players divide the running count by any whole number with a little practice. Dividing by half-decks is harder than whole numbers and dividing by quarter-decks takes even more brainpower.

Complex true count conversion can include more error and mistakes will cost you over 5-10% increase in EV that you might get for increasing a more complicated divisor.

It takes a longer time to make a decision if you use a more complicated system. Time is very important in card counting; hence choose a divisor that you can use perfectly and quickly.

Card counting doesn’t always look normal. Normal is playing poorly and losing money and so, you should not look for the normal method. Don’t stare at the discard tray between every hand as it brings unwanted attention to you.

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Philosophy

Card counters need to make a philosophical decision too. If your goal is to choose a theoretical edge over everything else, then, you must probably learn more complex card counting system, memorise every deviation and use the most accurate deck estimation.

You can also make decisions that are the biggest bang for your buck and then get the online casino’s money. Learning the top 20-ish deviations will give you 95% of the EV of learning all the deviations, with a fraction of the effort.

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