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Guide to Progressive Bonuses in Online Casino

Guide to Progressive Bonuses in Online Casino

The progressive bonus is a so-called bonus in steps, i.e, the more you play, the more the bonus becomes interesting and generous. Progressive bonuses are always on the list of online casino promotions. Especially the loyal customers are those who have a rather lively player account. The online casinos address these players directly, by email or phone, to offer special progressive bonuses, designed especially for them. Let us give an example of a progressive bonus. An online casino could propose a bonus of $10 on reaching $1000 of bet, the second bonus of $20 upon reaching a volume of episodes of 2000, the third bonus of $50 when the total bets have reached $5000. Now we can try to assess the progressive bonus topic a little more.

A regular player

Game requirements are challenging and important. Only those players with a remarkable playing position can support them. All those players who play Roulette or slot machines from time to time or just for fun are not the natural recipients of progressive bonuses.

The time limits

The necessary game requirements and the total volume of bets required to unlock the various stages of the promotion or bonus must be achieved within a pre-established time. You have to have it well in advance to understand if you can reach it. If you reach the necessary required game limits or bets then the said promotions are unlocked.

How progressive bonuses are awarded varies, but can include:

  • Random awards - These can happen after any spin, no matter whatever the outcome.
  • Landing certain symbol combinations - Just like a regular bonus or jackpot, these progressives are awarded when a predefined number/order of symbols land on any online slot.
  • Bonus games - These are paid when a player wins the bonus feature.

As well as staying on top of the win mechanics, bonus chasers must also be mindful of basic entry criteria, for example:

  • Minimum qualifying bets - Players must bet over a set amount to in with a chance of the progressive
  • Play meters - These give regular players more chances to win; so always check the rules before you spin.

Slots are equipped with electronic systems known as random number generators (RNGs) which determine where the reel stops during each play on an online casino or online slot and ensures the payout remains random.

The required wagering requirements

The gains you get from online casino bonuses usually cannot be withdrawn until you have wagered it a certain number of times. These conditions are called the bonus’s playthrough requirements or wagering requirements. The specific terms vary depending on the casino but once you have cleared your bonus it is yours to either withdraw or use to continue playing. Online betting deposit bonuses offer big value but they also come with some conditions. That is because online casinos would go broke fast if you were allowed to withdraw the bonus money without ever making a bet. To make sure the casino makes money from your deposit, players are required to wager the money a certain number of times before cashing out anything. Some bonuses come with time limits in which to complete the playthrough requirements and others restrict the games and limits you can play to clear the bonus. Playthrough requirements are an important factor to consider when looking at bonuses. Sometimes choosing a bonus with a smaller cash value but looser requirements can be the smart move.

The games allowed

When talking about promotions, of any kind, whether it is with a deposit, free, without a deposit, progressive, one must have in mind what games are involved in the promotion. In those for free without deposit, for example, roulette is always excluded as well as in these progressive ones, with the addition of the slot machine doubling option. This is because roulette gives the possibility to bet on red and black at the same time, and even when nothing is won, moves a good amount of bets. With the slot machine's doubling feature it is slightly different. It is a dry bet, which you can lose but also win, by making the bet volume go up very quickly.

Is a progressive bonus suitable for you?

In reality, it will be on the online casinos to decide it. The best progressive bonuses are exclusive and personalized. If you are a valuable and loyal player to the casino, besides being fond of it, the casino staff will contact you by offering you a nice progressive promotion.

Progressive bonuses of VIP programs

Even the VIP program, dedicated precisely to loyal customers, offers many progressive opportunities. What must be said is that a so-called VIP client is facilitated and courted with promotions like travel, show passes, faster payments, higher payouts and much more. So ultimately the judgment on progressive bonuses is certainly positive. They are the best promotions ever, especially if they are stuck on to the characteristics of the individual player. Becoming a VIP customer or a loyal and frequent player is another matter. Let us just say, summarizing, that these promotions are good, but they are not for everyone.

To summarize

Not getting a big bonus when you sign up for a new casino account can be disappointing. You may be missing out on some extra fun. A big bonus kicks things right off the bat for the interested player.