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History of Video Poker Games

History of Video Poker Games

Right from the time they were created video poker games were widely popular. In the beginning, people were attracted to these games because they were very similar to slot machines and hence easy to play. But with time the video poker machines grew to become more popular compared to even slot machines mainly because people believed that the players have a choice in deciding which and what cards to keep before drawing the final hand. Even today, video poker games are still popular as players don’t have to interact with other players and it has the lowest house edge.

Given the popularity and colourful history of this genre of betting games, here is the history of video poker games.

Original poker machines

The original poker machine was a close cousin to slot machines and worked on the same principle of multiple reels. The original machine had five reels, and each has an image of a card from the deck of playing cards. Initially, players didn’t have as much choice and once they pulled the handle the drums rolled and stopped to make the final poker hand.

Then, in 1898 Charles Fey, the original inventor of slot machines invented the card bell machine. In this new machine, Fey introduced the hold feature so that players can hold some cards and spin once again in a hope to improve their hand. So this way, players had more choice compared to the previous version.

Finally, in 1900 the company Sittman and Pitt brought out the draw poker machine. The addition of the draw feature made players feel that unlike the slots machine poker machine is something more than a game of dumb luck. The concept had become so popular that these machines became a common sight in every store so much so that manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the demand.

Video poker machines

The first video poker machine as we know came into being in 1970. It was the brainchild of Dale Electronics. Right from the beginning, when the machines were first introduced, they become instant hits. People felt that these machines were more player-friendly and had less house advantage. Though the original machines were primitive and were available only with black and white screens, they were still very popular. Then in the next 8 months, a rival company came up with colour screens, and this increased the popularity of video poker games further.

The current situationVideo Poker

Today video poker games are available in every casino, big and small. People who are intimidated by the table and casino games generally prefer this type of games. And finally, in this age of the internet, this type of games is also available online. Various gaming websites provide customers with the convenience of online gaming.

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