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How To Maximize Online Slot Payouts?

How To Maximize Online Slot Payouts?

Online slot games are considered to be pure games of chance, with skills and strategy playing a nearly insignificant part in wins and losses. With that being the case it bears asking if there are actually ways to maximize slot payouts. The answer to this appears to be yes.

Read on for proven ways that will maximize the payouts that can be gained from online slot games.

Max Payouts In Online Slot Games Made Simple

Getting the max possible payout does not actually mean that the player has made a killing. This is usually not possible as the house edge in slot games are as rigid as can be. As such, most players cannot hope to make a profit in the long term.

There are 3 ways online slot games players can achieve maximum payouts. These are:

  • Betting the maximum
  • Betting on ripe progressive jackpot slots
  • Betting on slots equipped with banked bonuses

The above will be briefly examined in turn.

Maximum Betting For Maximum Wins

In most online slot games, betting the maximum permissible is a good strategy. Doing this maximizes the potential payout and will in some cases make the player eligible for bonuses and jackpots. 

While in most online slot games, the featured bonuses and jackpots are triggered no matter how much players might wager, betting the max on all the available paylines has been proven to enhance the possibility of triggering bonuses and jackpots. This in turn essentially enhances the RTP. And that is why betting the max permissible is -bankroll permitting of course- often the right strategy to adopt for maximizing the payout.

Betting On Ripe Progressive Jackpots

There is another strategy that the canny online slot games player can adopt to enhance winning chances. And that is by being on the alert for ripe progressive jackpots whose value have greatly risen and which appear set to pay off.

Now, most progressive jackpots start with a middling amount. The jackpot value then rapidly rises as more and more players play the jackpot without winning. The canny player aims to wait till the jackpot prize has risen high enough that it seems ready to payout.

To know when such jackpots are about to payout, the player does some computer simulations and calculations that will let him/her know when such jackpots have paid out in the past. Only when the jackpot is due to pay out can he/she start betting on the game. 

Betting on a progressive jackpot when the jackpot value is in the 3 and 4-figure stage makes absolutely no sense. Doing this when the value is high is to be firmly recommended.

However, worth noting is that just about every progressive jackpot is randomly triggered during gameplay. Thus, the jackpot prize could easily pay off at any moment, even when its value has not reached the average. 

Betting On Slots With Banked Bonuses

Banked bonus slot games are usually found in brick-and-mortar casinos. In such games, players either gather objects that will let them activate some bonuses or play with rapidly increasing credit awards that will eventually be won. The key to betting on such slots is to only bet on those that had been played and half-solved by other players. This considerably boosts winning chances. 

And that is all today on maximizing slot payouts.

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