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List of largest slot machines ever in the history

List of largest slot machines ever in the history

The most humble and adorable slot machines had a quite fascinating journey over the years. The size, game variations, payouts, everything has been under constant change ever since its origin. 

Now it's available in your pocket-size mobile casinos to play for your convenience. The evolution of the largest slot machines undoubtedly has a crucial role in the formation of the gambling industry.

Slot machines the most popular casino game ever

Slot games have been very popular ever since their launch. And it remains the most popular casino game of all time. So here we are going to introduce you to the list of largest slot machines ever in the world.

If you are someone who thinks, the bigger and better the games will be, you must try out these slot machines, they are ridiculously big. If you are bored of online slot games and are curious about playing the big oldies, we are adding location info as well to find them. Unfortunately, few of them are not in service while others remain playable. Now go ahead and check out the details of the largest slot machines ever in the world. Enjoy your reading!

  • Big Bertha

Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas

Let's start with the big Bertha, the biggest slot machine ever created. Initially, it was created as a novelty item and later turned into a historical gaming device. If you are fascinated to play this big boy, you can head straight to Las Vegas, Nevada as it is currently available in Bally's casino.

The mechanical capacity of this slot machine left its admirers in great shock. The machine is powered by an electric motor of five horsepower with the support of twenty-inch wide chain wheels. Each pull of the trigger cost $100, which clarifies its name “the big Bertha”.

  • Super Big Bertha

Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas

Bally's casino, Las Vegas is home to not one but two biggest slot machines in the world. They have another super machine in their arcade named “ super big Bertha”. The machine is a beast and took the crown as the world's biggest slot machine in the year of 1950s. 

Super big Bertha came to the casino as a drastic upgrade of the big Bertha which we mentioned earlier. We can assume that the love for live casino online slots could have emerged from gamblers' nostalgia associated with old slot machines.

Super big Bertha has eight pay lines and 20 symbols, with 25 billion achievable combinations. Players across the world approach the slot machine for its fascinating gameplay. With plenty of pay lines and symbol combinations, gamblers across the world believe the chance of hitting a $ 1 million jackpot is incredibly slim.

You have to play the slot at least 16 billion times to stand a chance of hitting a mega jackpot. But unlike the odds, some players won amazing rewards over the years. Including one woman who was lucky enough to win $500000 in 2005.

  • The Queen’s Machine or Queen’s Pull

Four Queens Casino, Las Vegas

This whopping slot machine is exclusively owned by the four queens casino, located in las vegas, Nevada. It invites millions of gamblers to the casino each year and is very much popular in the gambling world. It is a ten-foot-tall and nine-foot wide massive machine which can accommodate six players at a time. If you plan to visit the queen pull machine, better plan your visit in the off-season as the machine is always crowded and it's hard to find the vacant time. As you know even in today's casinos online slot games remain the major highlight and the most popular one.

The highest jackpot the machine offers is $50,000 and many lucky players have hit the jackpot over time. Also, make sure you are very careful while playing with the machine considering its size. There are incidents where players have injured their arms while pulling the trigger of this titanic slot in the past. Maybe give yourself a good stretch before hitting the four queens as a precaution.

  • MicroSpin

Wynn Casino, Las Vegas

Unlike its name suggests, micro spin is a tremendous slot machine that is built using the Windows 95 operating system. It is undoubtedly a product of modern computer technology. 

The usage of Microsoft Windows OS is responsible for the name of the slot which is micro spin. It's a nine feet tall gaming system and was titled the largest slot machine in the late 90s. 

The usage of complex and core components helped the machine to break the record by accommodating nine players at a time. However, the winners and players lost interest in the machine, once they realized there ain't no jackpot or any sort of cash prize.

  • Big Irish Luck

Barney’s Casino, Las Vegas

The Big Irish luck is nicknamed a leviathan by slot lovers due to its massive outlook. If you wish to meet this big guy, head straight to Barney's casino, in Las Vegas. This mechanical colossus has been nothing but a real crowd-pleaser ever since its launch. The machine has interesting gameplay with five big reels and several symbols.

Rather than playing with the machine people tend to click pictures with it as they find it very impressive. The machine is always crowded with seasoned herds of gamblers. The slot offers a jackpot of $50000, and there have been many jackpot holders over the seasons.