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Penny Slot machines - How Do They Work and Strategies Involved!

Penny Slot machines - How Do They Work and Strategies Involved!

Penny slots are slot machines that allow you to place a flat bet of one penny or one cent per pay line. Most often these are relatively old slot machines that are still ready to launch a person into a game with a bet of 1 penny per spin.

Penny slot machines have been around for a long time, and the game developers are creating really fun online slot games with truly jaw-dropping animations comparable to Hollywood productions. However, it is still gambling, and it is important to remember that you can lose a lot of money if you are not careful about what happens. And while penny slot machines are completely random, it doesn't mean you can't have a strategy. If you can tell the difference between the slots, you will also be able to get the most fun out of these games. 

Let's start with Penny slot machines and their most common misconception. The basic idea is that the minimum bet is a penny, and since you can't really do anything with a penny today, this can be great and cheap fun. You can also walk away with more money. In practice, however, it's a little more complicated than that.

What are these slot machines for?

For players who are not ready to make big bets, but at the same time want to play longer, making small bets. At the same time, they still have a chance to hit the big jackpot and get a large amount of money, but this chance is ghostly small. Thus, it turns out that a person gets the opportunity to gamble for a long time and gambling at a slot machine, while without a chance to lose a large amount, but almost without a chance to win a large amount.

What is the golden rule?

One penny is the minimum bet per round - there are usually more rounds in Penny slot machines, and the maximum bet is often higher. Many Penny slot machines have progressive jackpots through their bonus games - and most bonus games, the key to winning progressive jackpots, can only be unlocked if you play at the maximum bet. So there aren't many rules to play slots, the only rule to know is that if you play for the jackpot, you need to check if the maximum bet is required to unlock it - and if it is required, you should always play with the maximum bet. If the maximum bet is 30 coins, you will spend $ 0.30 per spin. Some progressive jackpots now inform us that the maximum bet is no longer required to unlock the jackpot, so be sure to check.

Other strategies

In these games the payout frequency is higher, so even if you don't hit the final jackpot, you can still make smaller wins. So others use a different strategy: instead of making maximum bets, they bet less to make their money last longer because they believe their chances of winning the jackpot is simply too low. This is an option, but in this case, it would be better to consider playing non-progressive "top payout" games - these jackpots are much more modest when compared to the million-dollar progressive jackpots, but players are much more likely to win them.

Many people bet on the maximum number of rounds to increase their chances of accessing a bonus game that leads to the million-dollar jackpot. And it's worth taking a minute to see how this affects returns, as a whole.

Multi-lines: A little bit of math

Many games have multiple wins - sometimes called "ways to win", and you may want to bet on multiple lines to increase your chances of winning and access bonuses. Obviously, you can win more, but remember that every “line” you don't win involves a loss of money. 

For example:

If you bet on 5 ways, each of $ 0.01, you will have to bet 5 x $ 0.01 = $ 0.05

Let's say you win $ 0.06 on one of the lines - only $ 0.01 in the payout.

Let's compare this option with a single line bet. If you win that line, you will have a payout of $ 0.05.

If two spins are required to win that single line, the payout will still be higher, by $ 0.04.

So while betting on multiple lines can increase your chances of hitting a winning combination, the overall payout won't necessarily be higher.

Why does a casino need this?

No matter how the player saves his little money, he will still lose it, whether it happens quickly or for a long time. It is for this reason that Penny slot machines are still popular in regular and online casinos, from where they are in no hurry to remove and replace them with more advanced and modern slot machines. Plus banal psychology:’ the players like the process of the game more than the possible winnings’. And it is also pleasant to play on such slot machines.

However, don't underestimate Penny slot machines with a lot of pay lines. There are such machines that if you bet a penny on each line, the total bet is about $ 10! However, in the end, the total win still most likely will not beat off the entire size of the bet, but how much pleasure it is in distributing your cents!


Large-scale polls have shown that the chances of winning slots are higher if you stick to a specific game and without increasing your stake. Ultimately, playing slots is a form of gambling. It's paid entertainment - no different than buying a movie ticket to see a movie. The key is to understand what's at stake, how much you can afford to play, and stop when you reach your limit. Once you understand the rules and structures of the game (details can usually be found on the Help page and on the payout screens), slots can be a lot of fun - and sometimes offer a lot of rewards.

Therefore, we can safely recommend Penny slot machines to those players who are just starting to play, as well as those who are financially constrained but would like to play for several hours with a couple of dollars in their pocket.