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Roulette Strategy: Is Doubling a Smart Play?

Roulette Strategy: Is Doubling a Smart Play?

One of the oldest casino games Roulette has been around for centuries now. A simple game of spinning the wheel and betting on the outcome, it is a game of suspense, thrill and excitement. There are various outcomes on which you can make a bet; you can bet on single numbers, a group of numbers, on the colour, on odd or even numbers, high or low numbers, etc. Ultimately, just as it is with any other casino game, the goal of playing roulette is to win. Being a game of luck, there is no skill involved, and hence there is no specific way to play this game. Yet there a few ways in which one can maximize the chance of winning; these are known as roulette strategies. 

The Doubling Strategy

The Doubling Strategy in Roulette is one of the most popular and widely used strategies. The doubling strategy is very simple; according to this strategy, all you have to do is keep doubling your bets until you actually win. Basically, this strategy is used only on outside bet since the chances of winning of outside bets (as compared to inside ones) are almost 50% 

So, what is the justification for using this strategy? The way doubling strategy in Roulette works is that with a 1:1 payout when you double a bet until you win, the first time you win, you can recover all your losses while you get a profit that is equal to your original bet. 

Is doubling a smart play 

On the surface, just looking at the concept, it really makes a lot of sense. Compared to randomly betting on any outcome and not having a strategy in place, doubling until you win means ultimately you will at least win back all your losses. So, in theory, this looks like a smart strategy. So, does doubling in Roulette have any limitations? 

Though this seems to be a foolproof strategy, in theory, it does have limitations in practice. The basic problem with this strategy is that it has been designed on the assumption that ultimately the player has to win at some time or the other. But in practice, most casino games, including Roulette, are designed to generate cash for the casinos and not the players. So, the concept that the player has to win ultimately might not apply.

Additionally, there is the problem of limited bankroll. Doubling bets initially might not seem like much, but as the number of chances increases the chips you need to bet increase considerably. And since not everyone works with an unlimited bankroll the player might end up losing his entire bankroll before eventually winning.

And finally, even if a player has an unlimited bankroll he might hit the casino limits for betting and losing. So, ultimately, people should consider this concept and weigh their options before actually using the strategy of doubling while playing Roulette real-time.