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All you need to know about the slots paylines

All you need to know about the slots paylines

In slot games, paylines are an essential factor as the pattern appears during the trigger of winning combinations. While classic slot machines have single paylines, modern variants have multiple paylines. Game developers have recently built slot games without paylines, yet to see the results! 

Slots paylines should be your prime concern if you are a deep fan of slot games before you begin gaming. Nowadays, the availability of winning combinations in a significant way makes slot games much more enjoyable.

Unlike any other casinos online game slots are the most preferred one, and it's due to the thrill and nostalgia it offers, along with various features. It's very user-friendly, will give you a quick win using a single spin, availability of multiple themes, adventurous gameplay and unique enjoyment. 

But the paylines variation excites the gamblers the most. If you are eager to know more about slot paylines, this article is just for you. Let's go as we commence a detailed exploration of slot paylines

What are paylines in the slot machines?

A slot pay line is nothing but a pattern on the reels indicating the winning combination. Paylines can vary from one another, and they can be straight or zig-zag. Players can find the slot game-winning combinations on its paytable.

Slot's paylines are the ones which decide whether to break or make the game, and some players call the winning line or betting line. Once similar symbols appear on the pay line, the player will receive instant rewards.

The classic slot machines from the live casino online UK and US consist of a single horizontal pay line with the left to the right direction. Things have changed now as the gambling community is adapting technology. Modern slot machines have multiple paylines with a wide array of prizes to kick the boredom out of the window. 

Different paylines are available such as vertical, diagonal, zig-zag and all kinds of patterns. But regardless of the shape and rewards, there are two significant paylines open in general, fixed and variable paylines. We are going to discuss them in detail.

Fixed paylines

A fixed pay line is the most common in online slot games. It has very tempting bonuses than any other type of pay line as players prefer to play slots with fixed paylines. In fixed pay line slots, you must place your bet before the spinning of the reels begins. 

You are following that the game distributes your bet all across the pay line. For example, if you have placed a wager of one pound on a ten pay line slot, it will be equally distributed to the paylines by betting ten cents each.

This method is proven to increase your winning opportunities, thus allowing you to have larger payouts. Apart from the winning combinations, slot paylines have bonus symbols such as wilds, free spins and scatter signs for additional entertainment.

Variable paylines

Even Though fixed paylines are famous, some players prefer to play slot games offering variable paylines as they find it beneficial to have flexible wagering opportunities. 

Irregular paylines are also known as adjustable paylines, providing you with the freedom to wager on the paylines of your choice. Yes, it is true; you don't have to wager and activate all existing paylines

If you have a tight bankroll or are running low on deposits, variable paylines can be your saviour as they will support you to wager accordingly. You can increase your bankroll consistently without worrying about huge losses.

However, variable paylines are associated with low winning chances of the jackpot as the combination can fall on inactive paylines

How do slots payline work?

The evolution of slot games from classic machines to online slots made drastic changes to the paylines, gameplay, presentation and orientation. Plenty of variations are available to grab players' attention with multiple paylines; hence playing slots can be a tremendous unique adventure. 

It became a battle of designs, graphics, themes and feature-rich games as the competition got thicker. Before discussing more, let's explore how slot paylines work.


As we said earlier, slot paylines have a very flexible orientation. In the modern world slot game, paylines come in different directions and are not only limited to horizontal paylines. You can find more than a thousand paylines with multiple paths, not just left to right.

Modern slot games have downward and upward movement or vice versa. It's best to be aware of the direction of paylines before you place a bet.

Wild symbols

A wild symbol is a bonus on your pay line that can substitute any character of your wish to complete your winning combination. For example, if you have three identical symbols and an odd one, you can use your wild to meet the reel requirements. 

If you are getting wilds on your pay line, count yourself lucky as it will increase your success chances. Most players wish to get wilds on your pay line as they find it very supportive for their fun-filled spinning session.

Scatter symbols

A scatter symbol is as helpful as the wilds; for most players seeing a scatter symbol on their screen could be heartwarming. Getting a scatter symbol is easy and depends on your luck. But once you get a scatter combination, it will unlock the doors to endless possibilities.

Bonus symbols

The function of bonus symbols is very similar to scatter symbols as it will help you gain enormous bonuses and multipliers. The prizes are also sometimes awarded as dividends which players can utilize later. Slots bonuses are easy to find in the pay line. 

The rules about bonuses may vary depending on the mobile casinos you choose. So make sure you read them before commencing your slot machine session.