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All You Need to Know About Social Casinos

All You Need to Know About Social Casinos

The majority of people who read this article are likely to have a passion for gambling, either in one way or another. Many of the people who read this will likely have a social media profile as well. Combine them, and you'll have social gambling! 

In a world dominated by technological advancement, it appears that the union of these two is inevitable. However, is social gaming and games from social casinos capable of bringing a whole new level of entertainment? Today, we present the complete guide to games on social casinos, so take a seat and have fun.

What is a Social Casino?

Social casinos are similar to the traditional online casinos, which you can discover within Las Vegas and New Jersey. However, payouts are made with free coins instead of real money. The casino has various slot machines and table games that are available to play using your web browser or an app for social casinos using any mobile.

The experience of the online social table and online slots is essentially the same as the real-money versions. However, you cannot make real money. Instead, you will get virtual credits, which are used to gain numerous advantages. 

The best part is that you can play casino social games even in countries that prohibit gambling with real money. Additionally, you can earn coins through promotions through emails or the casino's social media channels.

Some social casinos offer the possibility of getting real prizes and cash through sweepstakes, which adds financial incentive to the social component of their gaming.

Earn gratis coins that you can use to play favorite slots and casino games. You may also earn daily bonus offers the more you play and get cash or real prizes in sweepstakes-style games! You'll also gain rewards when you earn enough points.

How social casinos are different from online casinos

Social gaming online is a bit different from traditional gambling at a casino. Both types of casinos offer game lobby areas and operate either on a desktop or mobile device; however, the experience of playing can differ.

Online gaming platform 

Most casino games on social media are played on a web-based platform and the popular social media website Facebook. It's not as common to find a dedicated download client which can be downloaded on a desktop computer.

Welcome bonus

Certain social casinos provide new players with the chance to get special deals upon joining; however, most casinos on social networks will give you free coins in exchange when you sign up. Online casinos that accept real money also provide welcome bonuses. 

You could earn a no-deposit bonus such as free spins on a popular slot machine, but you'll also have the option to deposit money and get real cash.

Range of slots & games

The most reliable casinos with real cash offer hundreds of the most popular slot games or table-based games. Social casinos offer only a small selection of titles, contingent on their partnerships, and some even create the games themselves.

In general, a decent social slot site will provide 50 to 150 games and a handful of well-known table games such as blackjack and roulette. There is a wider selection of real-money casinos versus social gaming sites.

Buying Games & Coins

Most social casinos use a "freemium" platform. It's completely free to play tables and slots on social networks; however, you'll be able to gain access to new games after you've reached certain milestones. 

There's also the option of purchasing through the online store and buying new games to add to your list of favorites. Alternatively, you can buy coins for a few dollars that you can play the games you enjoy.

Variety of social casino games

Social gaming lets you enjoy the most popular slot and table games without having to risk your hard-earned money. Here are some games that you can play on the top social gaming websites.

Video Slots

The social game online world is with slot machines. Video slots are the mainstay of the lobby in all of the top casinos that are social. You can choose from classic Vegas-style slots or themed five-reel games that come with bonus features such as free spins. There are even some progressive slots with jackpots that amount to millions of coins.

Guide to social slots

Video slot machines mostly dominate social casino websites and apps. There's a wide selection of slots on social networks in every good lobby. Additionally, you can use social slot machines on Facebook to earn virtual coins.

It is easy to play slots. You need to click on a game you like and then play it on your web browser. Choose your bet amount and the number of pay lines. Then, press the spin button. 

You'll get the coin prize by matching the right symbols on pay lines that run through the display. There is also the possibility of triggering the bonus feature to get additional coins, like free spins.

Some social casinos even provide progressive jackpots that can be activated in a bonus game. Progressive jackpots could reach 1 million dollars or more, bringing an increase to your account balance. 

The selection of games offered by social casinos varies depending on what casino you play at. The best casinos provide free-play versions of the well-known games (if they are developed by the casino in-house). But, some social casinos in the US provide free-play slots that include:

  • High 5 Games (H5G)
  • NetEnt
  • Every
  • WMS
  • Konami
  • Genesis Gaming
  • Playtika


While gambling on social media isn't gambling, you must be aware that there are some risks and that spending too much money in social casinos may create a gambling addiction.

Additionally, while social casino applications are completely available for download and play at no cost, many players do not simply stop with the download for free. 

Social casino companies earn money through a system that is known as freemium. Even though the games are not free, players are constantly encouraged to invest real money in life, coins, gifts to their loved ones, etc.

Games played at casinos on social media can have an enormous impact on the gambling habits of people. Some people find that social gambling games could be an 'entrance' into gambling. Research has also been conducted that has linked games at social casino  to an increase in betting frequency among gamblers.

Based on research findings, the motivation for gambling at a social casino is similar to the motivation behind getting into the world of gambling. That is, gamblers might visit casinos socially for entertainment, to keep themselves entertained and relax, or to alleviate boredom, or to distract themselves from negative feelings.

There are benefits to playing games at a social casino. If you are in gambling, these games can help you to manage their spending or even help you stay away from gambling.