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Ultimate Strategy of Video Poker Machines

Ultimate Strategy of Video Poker Machines

Video Poker is a game of skill and the players have to take advantage of different strategies to win at this game. With appropriate skills and right strategies, you can be a pro at the Video Poker game. Lots of benefits are associated with a being pro player like chances to win in millions every now and then, chances to enter into Video Poker tournaments and such. So, keep reading to know the strategy and to be an expert at the game.

The perfect paytable can get you places

In Video Poker gaming, players can check the paytable before they begin gaming. This means you get the opportunity to know what you can win with right moves. So, to see if any Poker machine pays you generously on your win, you got to pick a Poker machine with the higher returns paytable. Hence, as a player whose intention is to win at this game, you must do some research and find the best of Poker machines online with the awesome paytable. 

How to pick a perfect paytable in Video Poker?

On any Poker winnings of players, the average profit claimed by casinos is around 3 per cent. This, in casino terms, is referred to as House Edge. So, if the casinos are getting a share of 3% from your winnings, you will be left with 97% in your pockets. But this is absolutely dependent on the paytable of the Video Poker machine you choose. Hence, make sure you go for a machine that comes with a paytable that assures you the maximum returns. 

Get ideas through examples

It’s pretty simple to pick a Video Poker machine with the high paytable. Just look for a machine’s return percentage. The higher the return percentage on the machine, the higher will be your winnings. Ergo, that’s the best Poker machine. 

Suppose, a Poker machine is offering a whopping 99.35 return percentage for winners and there is another with a 98.2 return percentage. It would be wise to pick the Poker machine with 99.35 return percentage. This is because if you win then you will have to pay just 0.65 per cent as house edge. On the other, if you pick the machine offering 98.2 return percentage, then, the house edge increases to 1.8 per cent. While these digits might seem less now, once converted into actual money, you will be paying a pretty high amount of your winnings to the casino. 

So, the simple strategy here is to put little effort before gaming to do some research and choose the best of the Poker machine with higher return mentioned on the paytable.

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