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Ultimate Guide To Slot Machine Symbols And Icons

Ultimate Guide To Slot Machine Symbols And Icons

Slot machines have been entertaining us since the beginning of time (well, in the year 1890, but who's counting? ). However, the games have evolved unrecognizable and have gone from mechanical machines to the modern-day video slot machines. 

The slot machine symbols have remained highly steady. This can be traced back to the past and the notion that gamblers appreciate familiarity.  However, that doesn't mean there's a lack of creativity in the industry of casinos. 

The symbols are usually innovative. To discover how this all began, let's go back to the beginning of the traditional American saloon.

If you're looking for the oldest symbols on the reels of a slot machine that are commonly used, they include cards with three suits: diamonds, spades, and hearts, mostly from 10-cards to the Ace-Ten (10), Jack (J) as well as Queen (Q) as well as King (K) as well as Ace (A). 

In addition to the high-paying symbols of cards, You'll often see seven lucky numbers on the reels. However, we'll get into it a bit more later.

There's also a classic lucky symbol, the horseshoe. It seems to be one of the most ancient and admired symbols of superstition, especially when it comes to online slots

Also, there's Liberty Bell, of course. If you're one of the players who have experience, you will know that the first game's title is Liberty Bell, so that's likely why it was among the evergreen symbols commonly seen on slot machines.

How Many Symbols Are Really on a Slot Machine?

You're probably wondering how many symbols appear on a reel for a slot machine. For classic 3-reel slot machines, it's simple, typically, there are 20 symbols on each reel, which translates to an entire sixty symbols (20x20x20). You need more than 8000 possible combinations.

However, the game is a little more complex than the latest electronic games. The precise odds cannot determine the reel's composition. Instead, it's due to the intricate RNG hidden inside each machine.

The most ancient slot machine symbols

Poker, especially, was the norm in those old saloons, much like fights and hustles. Therefore, it was no surprise that the initial basic slots utilized card symbols like diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades.


Although suit slot machine symbols aren't often seen anymore, the higher denomination cards, such as 9-10, Jack queen, the ace, and king, are still used across all modern slot machines. However, they're usually of little relative to the principal theme symbols.

Fruit Slot Machine Symbols, Number 7 Bubble Gums And  Bar Symbol

With the sheer number of slot machines, What we find the most is that they all contain more or less the same slot machine symbols on reels that appear across all of them. 

In particular, you'll see fruit slot machine symbols like melons, cherries, lemons, oranges, and grapes on 3-reel slot machines, regardless of which slot you decide to play. 

Following a prolonged prohibition in the early 1900s, manufacturers of slot machines returned with new and exciting symbols, which included colorful fruit and bubble gums. 

One of the top slot producers even included its logo as the symbol in the slot machines. It was a bit like an oversized bar of gum. A while before the logo, it was changed into the slot machine bar symbol. 

It's the one we're used to seeing nowadays. Who would have thought that it was derived from the company's logo?

Another well-known slot machine symbol is the lucky number 7 was able to find its place on slots' reels. It's not surprising that it was an obvious choice since the number 7 stands for prosperity and pleasure everywhere.

In addition, it has a particular meaning in relation to online gambling, especially when it comes to online slot machines. That's why it's the game of choice on numerous machines.

Modern icons for slot machines

Although some of the traditional fruits and slot machine symbols for cards still exist in the play, modern slot games offer an amazing variety. With hundreds of slots to play at any casino, particularly the online versions, new slots tend to be completely distinct to stand out from the crowd.

Some stick to an established theme, like Irish leprechauns from Ancient Egypt and lucky Chinese symbols from slot machines; however, many are completely off the wall. 

Consider, for instance, the Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot, with all sorts of gothic symbols, including flying bats  and video-based graphics of the singer himself.


Once you've figured out the history behind slot machine symbols and what they stand for, you can try the games yourself. You can visit casino and try any of the hundreds of games.

Once you're confident with the system, you can test to bet on your chance and gamble with real money in the hope that the odds will be to your advantage and bring luck.