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Understanding the Game: Slingo Bingo

Understanding the Game: Slingo Bingo

As the name indicates, Slingo Bingo is just a distinctive fusion of Slots and Bingo that includes a regular slot machine, a 75 ball bingo, and a five by five grid similar to a game-card containing numbers between 1 and 75, present above the spinning reel. The game is said to have been developed in the US in the ’90s and has gained wide popularity over the years.

The concept of spinning reels that have been adopted from the online slots game is used to determine the numbers that would be matched to the grid on the screen. When compared to Bingo, these reels showcase multiple numbers at the same time, unlike the original game, which displays only one number at a time. 

Game Flow: Slingo Bingo

The game of Slingo Bingo is very easy to apprehend as the rules are simple as well as similar to the original games, but these simple steps can be followed to understand the order in which this game is played.

Spinning: The game would commence by clicking on the spin button available on the machine. Each game provides 11 spins, which are used to try and get as many Slingos as possible. Some games have a limited number of spins, but if necessary more can be won or purchased. 

Comparing: Once the spinning reel has stopped, different numbers would be shown on the screen. These numbers will be compared to the digits present on the five by five grid game card provided to the player and will be automatically marked off.

Slingo: Similar to Bingo, upon eradicating five numbers of a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, a Slingo is achieved. When all the numbers of the grid have been marked off, the player achieves a full house and wins the game.

Prizes: The prizes each player wins would mainly depend upon the number of Slingos attained in a five-by-five grid card, but an initial deposit also plays a crucial role in determining each player’s rewards. Sometimes prizes can also vary depending on the type of Slingo game being played.

The main agenda of the game is the same as regular Bingo, which is to mark off as many numbers on the five by five grid game card provided. Slings are achieved when players match and eliminate the numbers showcased by the reels, whereas a full house is attained when all the numbers present on the five by five grid card have been eliminated. Only a limited number of spins are allotted per stake, thereby making it harder to complete Slingos and achieve specific amalgamations of pay-outs. Points are earned at every spin, and these points help you collect different prizes.

Symbols and Terminology: Slingo Bingo

The game of Slingo bingo doesn’t just include numbers but also various symbols that make the game even more exciting as well as easier to play and win. Each symbol has a different meaning and can either help you get better odds at winning or tamper with your chances. The classic symbols present in almost all of the Slingo games are:

  • Joker: When a joker appears, it lets you eliminate any number on the column it pops up in.
  • Super Joker: When Super Joker appears, it lets you eliminate any number in the five by five grid game card. 
  • Gold Coin: When a Gold Coin appears, players will be instantly rewarded with cash prizes.
  • Free Spin: An extra spin is awarded when this symbol appears on the reels.
  •  Devil: A devil symbol can stop a space from being filled in a Slingo.

When three or more Jokers/Super Jokers appear on the reels, players are instantly rewarded with exciting cash prizes.

To have a better understanding of the game, mentioned below are a few commonly used terminologies:

  • Five by five grids (5 X 5 Grid): This grid is the game card that consists of numbers between 1 and 75. Numbers that appear on this grid are matched with those that are showcased on the spinning reels, thereby letting players complete their cards and achieve full house.
  • Five bottom reels: The numbers revealed post spinning appear in the five bottom reels present below the five by five grid game card. When the numbers are matched, they automatically get eliminated in the grid card.
  • Prize Ladder: This showcases the prize money won in each game along with the amount of money won altogether.
  • Game variety: Slingo Bingo: Slingo Bingo has been adopted by various casinos around the world and has been developed into a variety of games, some similar to the original, whereas some unique. Mentioned below are a few popular Slingo Bingo games.
  • Big Money Slingo Bonus: This game is a version of Slingo Bingo, which consists of all the popular elements of both Slots and Bingo. Players have the opportunity to win a large and exciting cash prize of 250,000 pounds. To start the game, players have to choose amongst the six locations provided containing their levels of difficulty. This game also includes a bonus category where players need to collect keys that unlock a bonus wheel, therefore rewarding them with exciting prizes.
  • Slingo Fluffy Favourites: This Slingo game draws inspiration from the toy claw machines available at local arcades and carnivals, and also rewards with similar adorable and furry playthings in pretty colours. The Rules of this game are similar to the original Slingo; therefore, players won’t find it too difficult to follow through. Upon winning each Slingo, players move up a bonus ladder bringing them closer to the ultimate Toy grabber round. This round allows players to choose toys that reveal various prize amounts.

So, create the combination of Slots and Bingo, this game will enthral to get weary of the conventional formats.