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RTP in Slots at Great Britain Casino. Detail Explanation

RTP in Slots at Great Britain Casino. Detail Explanation

RTP or Return to Player is supposed to be a term that is used by casinos for describing the exact percentage of the entire wagered amount a slot machine or VLT would be paying back to the players over some time. RTP in slots would be informing you regarding your odds of winning when playing on a slot online. RTP rate is, therefore, the exact percentage of all your wins over the entire amount of stakes played.

For instance, suppose you are making one hundred $1 bets on a slot machine that offers 90% RTP, you could be expecting to get back around $90 in terms of wins. However, it pays to remember that RTP in slots is calculated over a long period. You must keep in mind that anything could take place during the short-term. Hence, you must only consider betting with an amount of money you are ready to lose.

RTP in Slots & Short-Term Unpredictability

It is critical to understand that RTP in slots is actually calculated depending on a massive number of spins generally millions. So anything and everything could happen over short-term involving just a few thousand or even a few hundred spins and this is precisely what makes slots all the more exhilarating and thrilling.

Every slot would be given its unique RTP that is presented to you in percentage form. Usually, the RTP on slots would be varying between 90 and 99 per cent.

Some Vital Facts About Rtp in Slots

While discussing RTP, some vital facts are crucial for you to know, First of all, RTP is generally calculated long-term involving millions or even billions of spins. This implies that anything could occur in the short-term. Secondly, you must know that RTP is only a theoretical concept. All slot machines are established on fortuitousness, implying that you simply cannot predict or anticipate anything regarding how big or when you are going to win. This also implies that you shouldn’t be expecting long-term RTP on slots in merely 100 spins.

Top Reasons why RTP in Slots Is Important & Matters

Why should you bother about RTP when you are aware that it is purely a theoretical concept? We know that it is supposed to be a theoretical figure but you could still get a clue as to how much you could expect to get back from your wagered amounts over time. Theoretically speaking, everyone must boost their chances of winning if they opt for high-RTP slots.

Experts believe that RTP is certainly a wonderful way of getting an idea regarding how exciting and exhilarating the game experience would be. Let us try to explain this. Slot machines that promise a high RTP or Return to Player generally include numerous thrilling features like multipliers, wilds, free spins, and even bonus games and more. These features surely promise an incredibly exciting experience.

RTP in Slots: Some Complex Math

Building RTP for slots seems to be a complex process and it surely gets really difficult if the game is more elaborate. Suppose there are multifarious features and numerous pay lines involved, it is of pivotal importance for game developers to figure out the most effective way of making sure that when everything is over and done with, the game should be returning precisely the percentage you are expecting.

We understand, however, that a slot would always be programmed in a manner that gives you back or returns the entire money that is put into it. The Return to Player distribution could be varying, however, we realize at the end that a slot machine offering 98 per cent of Return to Player would be giving back 98 per cent of the entire amount that has been devoted to it over countless spins.


To conclude, we could say that RTP in slots is supposed to be a term that is specifically used for explaining the percentage of your entire wagered amount, a certain slot machine would be paying you back in the long run. However, this is a theoretical concept. You must remember to play with great responsibility and get involved in bets only with the amount of money that is readily available and you could afford to lose.