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Video Poker – Returns And Values to Know

Video Poker – Returns And Values to Know

“Expected return” is a term that is exclusively employed in reference to video poker machines that are equipped with RNGs – Random Number Generators. This expected return refers to the theoretical return which enables the video poker players to approximately know as to how much they will achieve over the course of many rounds.

In the main, the expected return is expressed in percentages and is directly linked to the payout of a game. Thus, any alteration of the pay table will immediately affect the expected return.

Calculating the expected return is easy enough. It is done by changing the expected return percentage to reflect a decimal value, eliminating the per cent sign and placing the decimal point a couple of places to the left. The resulting decimal value is multiplied by the total wager made.

As an example, the expected return for Full Pay Deuces Wild can be calculated by taking the expected return of 100.76% and then moving the decimal point a couple of places left while removing the % sign. This results in 1.0076, which is then multiplied by the total wager made – in this case, £350. This then gives £352.66 as a result.

According to the result above, players who play Full-Pay Deuces Wild, while implementing the most sublime gameplay strategies can expect to win £352.66 for every bet of £350. This however only applies in the long run and in the short term almost anything is possible.

Usually, when the expected return of a game exceeds 100%, players of such a game can reasonably expect to earn a little extra cash. A game with an expected return of less than 100% means that losses and potentially serious ones are inevitable.

Video poker casino games whose expected returns are less than 100% are referred to as “casino advantage games”. On the other hand, casino games whose expected return exceeds 100% are called “player advantage games”.

Worth noting is the fact that games with expected returns of less than 100% can effectively make up the deficit and be transformed into player advantage games. This is possible when the game concerned features hefty progressive jackpots and casino bonuses.

However, the above is not possible with video poker games with really low expected returns. If these are low, no amount of jackpots and bonuses can turn them into player advantage games.

Expected Value

Often, casino games can be played across many denominations, according to player preference and pocket capabilities. Usually, those machines that support higher value play are reserved for high rollers in a separate room.

Once the desired video poker machine has been selected, players are required to estimate the actual bet by multiplying the domination being played by the maximum supported coin bet. For instance, in most cases, the maximum supported coin bet is 5 coins, which means that operating a single-hand video poker machine that worth £5.00 will result in all bets placed being worth £25.00 (£5.00 x 5 coins).

Now, the expected value refers to how much exactly a player should be ahead, soon after accessing a player advantage game for a predetermined period of time. This value is invariably based on the size of the wager and the expected return. Calculating this enables the player to know precisely if the game is worth his/her time.

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