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Video Poker Strategy You Need to Know: How to Score Big At A Video Poker?

Video Poker Strategy You Need to Know: How to Score Big At A Video Poker?

Video Poker is very famous in the casino industry and has won millions of hearts since its first introduction. The play has been in here for the long run, and people have already figured out various strategies to beat others in the game. Hence, to keep up with the latest technology and smart people, you need to learn new strategies as a novice. Follow this simple guide to learn some important Video Poker strategy to reduce the house edge and avoid making minor mistakes that can cause you a couple of bucks.

What Makes Video Poker So Popular?

There are numerous variations of poker games, and all of them are famous to some extent. Before you sit at a poker table to play an online poker game, you need to know which game you are playing. So that you can apply specific strategies to win the game. Apart from Video Poker, the most famous variations are Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks Or Better, Tens Or Better, Joker’s Wild, Bally’s All American, and so forth. If you confuse yourself with small differences in every Poker game, then this can lead to a huge loss. So, before playing, make yourself familiar with the rules. 

The best thing about Poker is it offers the highest odds of gambling, and you can use your skills to change the game in a second. This feature of Poker makes it so popular. Moreover, the Video Poker strategy gives you a big chance to boost your bankroll, and apparently, it comes with the lowest house edge percentage. Unlike Live Poker, Video Poker is not pressuring. Though the strategies are the same, you will feel more comfortable playing alone than playing with other players online. 

Another thing about Video Poker is you don’t have to interact with any pit boss, dealers, or competitors. Isn’t it the biggest advantage of playing Video Poker? 

Strategy #1 - Play with More Coin Bets

You need to hit the royal flush when you are playing Video Pokers, and the best strategy for that is playing with the maximum coin bets. If anything, you’ll win the percentage of a potential winner because you choose to play with more coin bets. Remember, you are playing against machines and not real people. So, if you perform this strategy, there is a high chance that you can get a jackpot and reduce the house edge percentage by many points. In addition to that, Video Poker offers 5 times more chances of winning a jackpot.

Strategy #2 - Familiar Yourself with the Rules

Like the other variations of poker games, Video Poker comes with a 52-card deck. First, you need to put your wager, and then you click on Deal, and the machine will give you 5 random cards. Here, you get the chance to keep the cards you want, and you can discard the rest. After choosing your cards, simply click on the Draw button, and the machine will do the job for you. Your chances of winning sometimes depend on flush, straight, two pairs, and a royal flush at the end of the bet. The amount that you expect to win is depending on the value of your poker hand and the payable of the poker table. 

The most important decision you have to make is keeping and discarding the cards at the beginning of the game. Whatever you do, just don’t try to play the game only by guessing. If you don’t know the rules, simply don’t play. But if you try to play the game simply by guessing, you will lose a lot of money.

Strategy #3 - Check Out The Payouts Before Play

When you are playing Video Poker or any poker game, an important strategy is checking out the payout structures. If you know about the betting structures from before, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for the potential outcome. Similarly, when you know about the payout structures, you can easily make strong decisions when it comes to betting money. As mentioned before, going for games with a larger payout increases your chances of winning. What makes Video Poker one of the most favourite casino games is the option to know your expected income before you join the game. Therefore, you need to do your own research before applying for a poker play and only choose the games that are offering huge benefits. 

Also, check out the house advantage of the casino you are playing with. If the house advantage is 5%, that means you are getting 95% from the game, and the house will keep that extra 5% of the money. The lower the house percentage is, the bigger money you earn by playing Video Poker; thus, this strategy is not ignorable. 

Strategy #4 - Practice, Sleep, And Repeat

Before you go for the game, make sure to practice as much as you can and as many times as possible. You don’t want to risk real money playing games that you don’t know about. Research about the rules, check out their website, make yourself comfortable, and practice with the machine. Since the new technology has made everything easy, you don’t have to leave your house for practice. You can do that by staying at home with your laptop or mobile. The best thing about online poker is, there is no limit on how much you can practice. 

Video Poker is somewhat about luck, but hard work can even change your destiny. Another thing that you can try is by practising poker while you are already winning. This will help you understand the game better, and you can perform better.


Last but not least, try to keep a separate bank account for your Video Poker games. If your existing bank account gets all mixed up with your Video Poker earnings, that will not be a strategy. You intend to get better at the game, and you should do whatever it takes to get there.