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Different Ways to Play Video Poker Games

Different Ways to Play Video Poker Games

Also termed as “poker slots”, Video Poker requires skills to calculate the chances of a win and make the outcome favourable. With the shuffling of 52 or 53 cards, one can have the idea of the possible combination if he is well-versed with the basic skills of the game. With the simplicity of the game, it is the high payout system of the Video Poker that attracts many gamblers making it one of the popular ways to enjoy gambling. Keep reading as we tell you the easy and simple ways to master your skills at Video Poker.

Master the basics

Poker machine draws five random cards and then, the player has the option if he wants to draw any new cards or not. In this game, you don’t play against any other player so it makes the session less competitive and simple.  By pressing the “hold” button, you can keep the cards and choose one among them. Press the “deal” button once you are clear with your choice and the cards get replaced by new cards that are generated by RNG. The statistics are updated on the paytable and the outcome is determined. 

Think precisely choose wisely

Video Poker shares some common features with slot machines, but here you have to be aware of the machine that you choose. Playing the game at any random Poker machine can snatch your chance of winning. Understand the paytable statistics and make them count in your favour. Contrary to slots, you can calculate the game based on the paytable.

Make your first move

Video Poker is fun to play and with the calculated paytable, it increases the chances of your win with a higher payout. When you insert some money into the machine, either manually or online, the machine shows the credits. Choose the maximum number of credits with a lower limit per game. This can create a huge difference in your payout.

Strategizing is the key

Use your strategies to achieve maximum returns in the game. When you choose a game in a Poker machine, make sure you know the basic rules and strategies to play them because even some handful of mistakes can lend you a bigger house edge. Remember, each game has its own strategy and variations. If you are new to Video Poker machines, practice to play at online sites so that you can avoid house edge.

Calm down

Casinos are designed to entertain gamblers with glamour, huge prize money, and bonuses. It gives a chance to double your bankroll in minutes but, one should always remember that every innovation in the gambling world is made to attract more users that eventually results in making a profit for the casino. Game developers know that everyone is not a gambler, and everyone is not aware of the strategies to achieve heights. So, in order to make the most, players who are new to gambling tend to play consistently and that makes them lose more. Hence, it is advised to not get excited easily and calm down a little. Think and then take a call because if it takes minutes to double your payout, it takes seconds to empty your bankroll. Stay calm!

We got you some Bonus –  tips!

Have a look at some additional tips that can help you in playing efficiently at Video Poker.

The Kicker

Some players think that by keeping a Kicker, they have a better chance to achieve a higher payout. But always avoid doing this blunder while playing Jack’s.

The Straight/Flush

If you are looking to chase a Straight or a Flush, avoid keeping three cards. Unless you have won a bigger payout, make sure you don’t have three cards remaining as that can dim your chances of winning.

When you play against the machine with appropriate skills and knowledge, you can definitely make it big and receive a huge payout. The only thing to remember is to never give up.

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