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What Is Scratch Card Odds?

What Is Scratch Card Odds?

There is practically no one on the globe who has not heard of scratch cards and online scratch card. Scratch cards are a relatively recent invention, but that has not prevented them from acquiring a large and devoted following.

Part of what makes scratch cards so appealing is their odds. The odds of winning at online scratch card are far more than that featured in most other online casino games. Scratch card odds are most favourable to players and this is partly why scratch cards are such a dominant means of having fun for millions around the globe.

Scratch cards vary in format, but all have fixed odds. As such, the odds are fixed in place and exactly as that stated by the online scratch card company. Usually, such odds take the form of one in three, which is on the sweet side.

Odds in online Scratch Card games

To properly understand what fixed odds are in online scratch card games, a proper comparison must be done. 

Take Roulette for example. Players might believe that wagering on odds/evens or high/ low at a Roulette game makes better gambling sense than playing an online scratch card game that offers three in one odds. This is correct, because the sort of Roulette bets mentioned above, does, in fact, have two in one odds. 

However, the fixed odds in online scratch cards make all the important difference. The odds on these cards are guaranteed and definite. 

The cards and the winners have already been printed and shipped. This means that if a player were to somehow buy a third of such cards, a win is guaranteed.

Roulette odds, on the other hand, is merely hypothetical. As such, while such bets as odds/evens as well as red/black ostensibly pay out around 50% of the time, this does not always happen. 

More, as these Roulette odds are meant for the long term, it is possible for a player to wager every day for the next several months on odds/evens or red/black without seeing a single win.

Feeding the scratchy itch

The above does not, however, mean that online scratch card players are due for a win with every third bet, or are more likely to win than online Roulette players. Still, the fixed odds present in online scratch cards ensures greater accountability and reliability. 

All scratch cards feature a jackpot prize which if won is won forevermore, regardless of if players buy the cards that are left and play these for all they are worth. To make things easy for scratch card players, quite a few sites offer details of scratch card jackpots, as well as which has been won and which are yet still unclaimed. Using this information, online scratch card players can at a glance determine if a scratch card is worth their time or not. And that is something most other casino games are simply incapable of doing.

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