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What you need to know about scratch card online games: Your relatively new gambling experience

What you need to know about scratch card online games: Your relatively new gambling experience

Scratch card online games have been there for a long time now, with its popularity reaching new heights in the last few years. At first, this amazing game wasn’t regarded as a game of gamble. Later on, it became a part of the online casino gaming community. There are a lot of sites on the internet where you can play scratch card games online for free.

What exactly are scratch card online games?

Scratch cards started in 1974 by Bob Koza and got trademarked around 1987. These are small credit card-like cards with an emblem of the lottery establishment. A part of the scratch cards has an opaque surface where you need to scratch to reveal the symbols. 

With the world going online, scratch cards were also introduced in the world of the internet. All you need to do is go to a scratch card online game site, place a bet, and go to the ‘Feature a new Card’ option. There will be an option to scratch the card, post which the money will be credited to your account if you win. 

The simplicity of the scratch cards has made it popular in the online world. Many young gamblers play this game for fun by placing small bets. 

What do we love about scratch cards?

Here we’ve addressed 5 aspects that clearly shows why scratch cards are so popular. Have a look. 

Adds a fun element and a bit of luck

Scratch cards, unlike other casino games, are quite simple and do not require many strategies for winning the game. The rules of scratch card online games are easy for anyone to understand, and the excitement builds with each passing second. You just need to place the right bets at the right time. 

It’s an easy game

Scratch cards are a lot easier than the other games on the internet as they don’t require any kind of extensive research. Other casino games like Poker, Roulette and Blackjack demand a lot of research and understanding before starting the game. Besides this, scratch cards provide instant results while there are a few games where you need to wait for the results. There are even sites which automatically scratch the cards for the players and notify them of the results. 

Themes for young

The amusing fact about scratch cards is that they provide many amusing themes, which attract many young players specifically. These themes are based on movies, series and sports and well received by their target audience. 


All the payments on the scratch cards are secured and are made via a secret gateway. The players need not worry about the games’ security anymore.

Top-notch customer care

Customer care is an important area which is ignored by several sites and games. A good scratch card site has responsive customer care who replies instantly to the queries of the players. 

Scratch the card and play wisely

The advantage of the scratch card is its simplicity which you should use to win more returns on your money. Here is what you need to follow: 

  • It is always better to try the game in free or demo mode to understand the working of the game and scratch card is no exception. Therefore, try to play without depositing your money. 
  • You must set a limit on how much to gamble and find a casino that suits your budget. Exceeding the limit can land you up in trouble. 
  • Look for bonuses as many of the online casinos are offering welcome bonuses. Use the bonus smartly. 
  • Like other online games, read the terms and conditions with utter importance. 
  • Try your luck on other casinos to become a pro and for a better understanding of the scratch card online game. 

Scratch card formats have changed over the years to make it look more attractive and commercial. There are different formats and tournaments like the King Kong cash scratch, Fishin’ Frenzy scratch etc. These are all based on varied themes and multiplayer options. 

Is it worth your time and money?

The answer depends on you. If you want to avoid other online casino games that require way more strategies and research, a scratch card is an easy option for you. You shouldn’t become addicted to it and maintain a monetary balance. You can even lose all the money that you won if you go on depositing the money. It is nice that scratch cards don’t require any kind of skills but experience and luck. From the other perspective, skills can make you earn more money many times in online games.

Scratch cards are low on investment, making it one of the top reasons to invest in these small size cards. 

Final words about scratch card online games

Scratch card itself was developed as an interesting concept with the evolution of little cards. The online version made it even more popular across the world. Many who were oblivious of the same, got to know about the history of these beautiful simple cards. The cards’ low risk, low investment, and low skill appeal to a lot of players. Data shows that of the 90 per cent of the people who start playing this game, at least 50 per cent of them have continued playing with the game. Like slot machines which also have a lot of themes, online scratch cards also have several themes based on movies, series, sports, and many other areas to attract the gamblers, especially the young crowd. 

A lot of beginner gamblers use scratch cards to introduce themselves to the world of gambling. Online scratch card games show that players with minimum investment can also set their feet in the world of casino. You just need to take care of the bankroll, and slowly experience and luck will make you a pro-level player in this game. The graphics here will keep you interested in the game for a long time. You can definitely have a good time playing it with your friends and appreciating the beauty of the little cards.