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Yep... Some of the Online Casinos are lying to you!

Yep... Some of the Online Casinos are lying to you!

Do you find it shocking? Well, you should not! Because it's only right to assume that we consumers or customers are exploited on a regular basis by so many MNCs and Online Casinos are no exception. But, contrary to what many people think, not all online casinos are deceitful and corrupt, although, this field has some shady ones as it's popularly said, “Nothing Is perfect”! Is it now?

This industry is highly regulated and monitored, but this does not mean that the casinos are not telling you the whole truth. Like most other industries, it uses its marketing techniques to bend the half-truths into a fully-fledged truth in front of the customers or gamblers (in this case) so as to mislead them and make those customers believe in those online casinos.

But do not worry, in this article, you will find out how most of the online casinos are using their marketing techniques to mislead you!

This is the best casino available on the internet

The most commonly said thing in any Industry is that they are the very best! Well, people do not fall for this trap as there are exactly 100 other online casinos that are claiming the same thing. Here’s the deal, no casino is perfect in every sense but they might have some good thing or at least some speciality. For example, one casino might be more focused on the video poker games or slot games while the other can be more specialized towards card-based games like blackjack and so on. There is no Online Casino out there on the internet who is going to admit they are the second-best as the customers are inclined only towards the “best”. 

Earn Free money just by signing in!

Another commonly used marketing technique used by online casinos to poach customers is to offer them “Free” money as a signing bonus. But people don’t fall for this trick, as the “free” bonus which you will be getting can only be used to gamble and cannot be withdrawn. Also, most of the time there is a high wagering limit after which you can withdraw. For example, if you get a sign-in bonus of $100 and the wagering limit is 35× or 50× then buddy, you have to bet till you reach an amount of $3500 or $5000. Which is quite tough as there is a high house edge in online casinos. So, always remember there is no such thing as “free” money! 

Our Games Are Fair

Ok! This may be tough to listen to but in life, nothing is “fair” let alone online casinos. It is just one of the other half-baked truths which they use to deceive new customers. Well, maybe we can say from a point of view that their games are “fair” in the sense that they did not spike the game so no one can win. But mathematically, gambling at a casino is always Unfair as there are chances to win but there are greater chances that you will lose a lot more rather than winning. So, however, you play the games, in the long run, you have to remember that you are always going to lose because that is how gambling works. 

We offer Excellent Customer Services

Unlike others, this may be one of the few things that makes an online casino better than most others present. But, nowadays, with an increased demand for online casinos, this has also been used as a gimmick for promotion so as to attract more and more customers. All of the casinos present on the web claims that they provide the “best” customer service but very few of them really do pay attention to its customers' wants and their problems. So how can we really know if a casino provides good customer service? well, we can get to know about it by checking in with their past and present customers and the reviews. 

Loyalty Will be Rewarded

Just like the “free” money tactics are used to attract more customers, this tactic is used to retain the new customers which are just as important as the others. Because only the long time Gamblers can generate higher money for a casino. And that is exactly why the casinos use loyalty schemes, but their loyalty schemes are nothing but a big scam as they reward their long time customers with pennies. So before choosing a casino you should probably go through its loyalty schemes properly. 


Even though there are quite a few online casinos that use most of the gimmicks, there are some who do really provide authentic and great service and games. So, choose your favourite casino based on some research and after going through the customer reviews because sometimes being sceptical help.