Video Poker

Video Poker

Video Poker games entered into the casino industry somewhere in the mid-70s and ever since then it stands tall among some of the most popular casino games. We, at the Great Britain Casino, offer the Video Poker games in the computerised form which works through the principle of 5 card draw poker. This is one of the most desired games at our casino whose popularity can be accredited to the fact that the odds offered by this game are among the highest in casino gambling.

Some of the happening features of video poker offered at our casino include a low house edge, awesome jackpot offers to the players, and a chance to play with/without going live! Read on to know more about the fascinating Video poker casino games offered at availed at our Great Britain Casino.

Know how the Video Poker game is played at our casino

Firstly, players have to select the coins for each spin they want to play. So based on these inputs, we provide the rewards. This information can be clearly seen on the pay table provided on the screen. After choosing and paying the coins to play the game, our simulated software will deal with cards for the players. The video poker software is simulated in a fashion to draw five-cards of the standard deck of 52-cards. Sometimes, our simulation also adds one or more than one joker cards during the play. Once the cards are dealt, players have to make sure to draw the best of the five-card hand. There are also specific hands for which we reward our players. Take for instance, in a Better or Jacks game players have to make at least a pair of jacks to win the rewards. This way, if the players make better-winning hands, they earn rewards accordingly.

When the players are offered 5 cards, they can either discard one or more cards and exchange for them or continue with the offered cards itself. Accordingly, the players have to form one of the winning combinations of the paytable. If they successfully form hand/hands of those winning combinations and draws, the machine pays the players accordingly.

When playing the online video poker games at our casino, the outcome of the combination is based on the RNG or random number generator. The RNG continuously keeps shuffling the card decks within itself. So when the players draw the cards, the RNG presents the combination that it had inside at that moment.

While most of the game-play remains same as that of the table poker, the video poker allows the players to exchange all the 5 cards which were not allowed in the former.

Paytable constitution and payouts offered by us

The pay table in video poker at our Great Britain Casino is presented on the screen that shows the payouts for the particular hands. For different hands, the payouts are different. This is decided by the fact that how often or rare the winning combinations can be formed, the variations presented in the game and finally, on the verdict of the game operator. As mentioned before, just like the gameplay, the payouts offered in video poker are similar to the table poker game.

Our paytable includes the following hands-pair of jacks, two pairs, three of kind, sequence of consecutive valued cards of 5 known as Straight, 5 cards formed by same suit known as Suit, Full house formed by a pair and 3 of a kind, same valued four cards known as Four of a kind, 5 cards with consecutive values formed in the same suit known as Straight Flush and finally a hand known as Royal Flush formed by a Ten, a Jack, a Queen, a King and an Ace of the same suit.

Different Types of Video Poker

Here, at the Great Britain Casino, video poker games or video poker online games can be played in different variations. Some of them include:

a) Jacks aka Better

This variation starts with the hand- Pair of jacks. We offer 9 times the bet waged on the Full house and 6 times for the Flush for this variation. Hence, it is called as 9/6 Jacks. It is also known as ‘Draw poker’ and is one of the most common types that can be seen in the video poker game.

b) Bally’s All American

This variation of the video poker game is similar to the Jacks or Better but differs in payouts. While we pay higher for Flushes, Straights and Straight flushes hand, the Full houses and two pairs receive less payout.

c) Tens or Better

‘Tens or Better’ is another form of 6/5 Jacks or Better which comes with the rule that the minimum paying hand should be a pair of tens instead of pair of jacks as in case of 6/5 Jacks. However, the payouts remain different.