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 5 Common Video Poker Mistakes You Must Avoid

5 Common Video Poker Mistakes You Must Avoid

Making a mistake while gambling is like donating your hard-earned money to the casino. Unfortunately, most people who play video poker are not even aware that they are making mistakes which is why they are losing. Whether you are a new player who doesn’t have experience of the game, or an old crook in gambling, you need to beware and avoid making these common video poker mistakes.

This article talked about the common video poker mistakes you must know and how to avoid them. Also, before you play a video poker game, learn the rules first; else, you are bound to make mistakes.

Six Common Video Poker Mistakes

Mistake 1: Not Using a Strategy OR Using A Wrong One

Every poker game requires a strategy. It is up to the players to use their strategy and turn the game around. Most people who play video poker do not use a strategy at all. They play it based on their instinct and keep losing.

Besides, there are lots of video poker games available in online casinos. This is the advantage of a live casino in that you can play different games. But another mistake that people make is, they use the same strategy for every game. Remember, each game is different, and you need to learn it before you start playing. Poker isn’t “one size fits all”. You need to tailor your strategy with every card dealt.

To avoid this mistake, you should first install the poker software programs on your PC or laptop. Then, practice with them and start learning switching decisions and getting the best payouts. It will also help you learn the difference between video poker games, so that you can strategize accordingly.

Mistake 2: Not Maxing Out

It is one of the most terrible video poker mistakes that people make. If they are playing a video poker that demands five coins max, they will insert only or two if they have lost the game before. It is wrong. If you are playing a progressive jackpot, bet the maximum coins. In a full-pay game, if you bet max coins, your return increases with time. You get bonus rounds as well. Your payout is proportional to the number of coins you wager.

In a game, the payout for a five-coin wager is always way more than the payout for one, two, three or four coin wager. So players might think that they will be short of five coins if they lose, but you also get bonus rounds. Also, the RTP or return to player is slightly higher for a five-coin wager than the fewer coin wagers.

Mistake 3: Playing The Wrong Games

It is one of the video poker mistakes, which is mostly made by new players who are not aware of the pay schedule of the game. There are several video poker games, and players don’t give heed to which game they are playing. Honestly, some games, such as Deuces Wild Games and Jacks or Better, pay a better theoretical return than other games. Some machines even pay 99%+ returns, and if you play with the right strategy, you may earn a more than 100% return.

Players don’t check the games and their pay schedule; instead, they start playing and lose. Therefore, you must do your homework and check out the casinos which offer the highest theoretical return on their games. 

Mistake 4: Switching Games

One of the most common video poker mistakes you will agree that you have committed. When players lose in a game, they switch to another one, as if it will change anything. But you must learn that Random Number generators are used in every live casino and every video poker game that you play, but your luck depends mostly on your strategy and not the games you play.

Also, there are two versions- full pay and short play games. Most players play short-play games. Check the pay schedule before starting playing and choose the full-pay games.

Mistake 5: Not Using A Strategy Card

Even if you are an experienced player, you may not know how to play a certain hand. Most players don’t use a strategy card which is one of the gravest video poker mistakes. Strategy cards are commercially available, and any player can use them when they are uncertain about playing a hand. It can save you from losing. In poker, you need to play every hand with sheer perfection to avoid losses.

Mistake 6: Not Using A Player’s Card

If you want to make good use of the money you wagered and want to reduce your cost of playing, never ever play without a player’s card. One of the most popular video poker mistakes is that player’s don’t use it even if it is a free card which has many benefits. When you insert a player’s card, the machine keeps a count of money that you wagered, offers you free rounds, bounce backs, and other benefits.

It has no impact on your game and the results but it reduces your cost of playing video poker.

Wrap Up

You must have learnt that you were making some common and silly mistakes until now. But here you learn about them and how you can avoid them. So, next time when you are in a casino or playing online casinos, ensure that you avoid these common video poker mistakes.