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Live Poker or Video Poker: Which one should you choose to play?

Live Poker or Video Poker: Which one should you choose to play?

You're likely to be able to tell the difference between online and video poker if you have been around poker for a while. This article is intended for beginners who are just starting to learn poker terminology.

Many new players mix live poker and video poker. Although they both use the word "poker," they are very different games. Let's have a quick look at these two types and see how they differ.

Live Poker

You probably came here looking for a live poker platform. It's the most popular type of poker today, and it's also becoming more popular than live.

Live poker requires you to sign up and make your first deposit. Next, choose cash or a tournament to play. Then you can sit down at the virtual table and play against other players. You can play against real people online, and all your opponents are real.

Online poker rooms can be compared to live casino poker rooms. You can choose your stakes, the type of poker, cash game, tournament, and many other options.

Although you might not be able to look at the faces and cards of other players, it is possible to tell still when they are lying by simply looking at their cards. You'll still be able to use advanced and beginner strategies to reduce the chance of losing your hand and maximize your poker game.

Benefits of live poker

Live dealer games offer a social aspect to blackjack, poker, and Sic Bo. This is where you can have a real-life casino experience at home.

Although Artificial Intelligence will have an exciting future impact on online poker, it will not be able to replace the excitement of playing against a human player. 

Live dealer tables can be a great way for new friends to make or even just to have a conversation with other players.

In recent years, live dealer poker has dominated the variety of games offered. In the past, only the most common poker variants, such as Texas Hold'Em or Caribbean Stud, could be played in live dealer games.  As this online gambling branch continues to evolve, you have more options.

Video Poker

Video poker is a completely new type of poker. You can find it in both online and land-based casinos. It is a standalone machine that allows players to play poker independently. It is based on 5-card draw poker, and all video poker games follow the same rules.

You need to place a wager and receive five cards. After you look at the cards, you will be able to alter some. Once the new cards are revealed, it's time to end the round. You get paid according to the paytable, which is often located above the game.

Video poker is different from online poker, and it's played against the machine and not against other players. It's essentially a one-player game in which your goal is to get as many hands as possible and get paid for your efforts.

Video poker does not allow you to use any specific strategies. However, you can use strategies to lower your house edge when card-swapping is used in video poker.

Benefits Of Video Poker

Video poker is a lot more convenient than live dealer games. New players will find it invaluable to be able to play the game in free mode, which is not often offered on live dealer games. You only have time to play a few hands. 

Video poker is not a waiting game, and the game can start immediately if the table is full. You don't need to worry about finding a seat during busy times.

Video poker can be more formal and impersonal than live dealer games. This type of quick play can be appealing to players who don't necessarily care about that aspect of the game and instead are focused on learning and improving their techniques.

Online poker is also technical. Video poker uses fewer computer resources than live dealer games, which require a stable stream connection and minimum display specs. 

Both are available on mobile, but you're more likely to experience problems with a dropped connection at a live dealer table than at a regular RNG poker table. 

Also, live dealer games are more costly, and the game provider must pay for the sophisticated video setup and live dealers' salaries.


Live poker is the best to play and it's the most common way to play poker. There's potential to get millions of dollars by playing in huge online tournaments - if you're one of the lucky ones.

Thousands love video poker, but it's still a casino game, just like video slots. Online poker has hundreds of books and thousands of hours' worth of video content. There are also millions of players who make up a vibrant community. It's up to the individual to decide which one they prefer.