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Poker chips: How They Are Made? - Great Britain Casino

Poker chips: How They Are Made? - Great Britain Casino

You can play online video poker or live poker. However, you may be a beginner or an experiencefd player. You will have questions about poker chips values, how they are made, and the various colors. Let's take a look at these questions in more detail below.

What makes Casino Chips different from those commercially available?

Casino poker chips are handmade and commercial chips that can not be bought.  In the past, casinos used clay compression to develop their poker chips. However, forgery became a problem, and a mixture of ABS plastics and clay was used to make them safer for engineers with backgrounds.

For monetary denominations above $25,000, most casinos use rectangular-shaped plaques. Plaques can be made by combining the two mentioned methods. However, they are larger than standard chips and have serial numbers.

The injection molding process is how real casino and commercial chips are produced. ABS plastic was previously mentioned. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a common thermoplastic plastic polymer. It is also amorphous, meaning that it does not have a defined shape or form and has no true melting point.

Different types of poker chips

The most popular injection-molded chips are suited to poker chips and striped dice. Both of these varieties can be found in casinos and in-home market sets.

Clay is not used anymore in the production of casino poker chips. As time passed, it became obvious to casino owners that the chips' quality was decreasing with each passing year. Ceramic chips were introduced to replace clay chips. 

This was done to make sure that clay chips didn't deteriorate and to give a better solution to the millions of poker players who would be able to hold, flip, or even pot splash their chips. People refer to the ceramic version of poker chips as a "Clay Composite," although they are not made from clay.

The Modern Poker Chip is Secure and Durable

Modern technology has made it easier to develop chips for casinos. It is unknown what materials are used in compression molding and the injection process used at casinos. It is now known that compression molding involves clay and other elements.

This provides gaming establishments an additional layer of security against duplicate fraud. It also allows them to save money by not having to produce new chips as they are made using a special formula designed for greater durability.

Real casino chips can withstand pressures of up to 10,000 psi. It is also heat resistant and will not react to temperatures up to 300°F. 

High-quality chips are made with an inlay of heat-resistant film and paper, and this provides added durability and security and protection against duplicates.

The Casino Poker Chip Trade Secret

Compression molding is a better way to describe how casino chips are made. Since 70 years ago, not one poker chip was entirely made of clay. 

The production process involves a very small percentage of earthen materials such as chalk, sand, and even the clay used to make cat litter. This clay is what allows the material's properties to clump together.

The engineering process behind real casino chips is a trade secret, although it may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A casino poker chips' indents and edges are not painted like on a home-market or commercial poker set. 

The clay removal process is used to remove certain chip areas and replace them with a different clay color. This can be done one chip at a time or an entire strip. The composite material remains in a cylindrical block until it is cut into chips.

The trade secret to production is not difficult to identify, and it involves indenting each chip individually and printing graphics with inlays covered with plastic films.

Learn More about Casino Poker Chips

Post-construction chips can have many aspects, such as security, color, and variations. There are not universally accepted poker chip presets, and however, some common distinguishing factors make casino chips different from commercially produced chips.


Commonly, you will see red, white, and blue colors in commercial chips and home sets. Casino games have experienced tremendous popularity over the past decade, and a wider range of colors has been made available to purchase recently.

There are newer designs that include a three-step molding process to give consumers more choice. These chips are still made from low-cost ABS plastic.


Numerous casinos in Las Vegas and the Rio Hotel & Casino in Vegas, have issued limited edition chips. These chips are typically made for events like the World Series of Poker, and this is partly hoping that casino guests will keep them as souvenirs while the casinos make a profit.


Certain casinos embed RFID tags in their chips to stop counterfeit chips from being manufactured and used in their establishment. Some casinos also use RFID tags to track the betting patterns of their guests to make sure they are making a profit.

Signs of a Real Casino Poker Chip

There is a common misconception that all chips are the same. However, they can differ in terms of manufactured processing. Many people believed that casino chips had to weigh exactly 11 grams, which is false.

The weight of poker chips used in Las Vegas casinos ranges from 8.5 to 10.6 grams. This is what the chips in high-quality commercial sets typically weigh.

Many of the largest gaming companies on the Las Vegas Strip have been known for cashing out foreign chips that they hold from overseas. It's almost certain that the same chip will be used in both casinos, as long as the same company owns them.