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The Ultimate Guide to Roulette Side Bets

The Ultimate Guide to Roulette Side Bets

Roulette is one of the few online casino games that comes with a variety of betting options, ranging from split and corner bets to single number wagers. While the standard bet types in Roulette are quite exciting and offer generous payouts, some players might want to try their hands at something different. And this is where Roulette side bets come in.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about popular Roulette side bets, ranging from their gameplay to final payouts. Keep reading!

A look at some common Roulette side bets

Lucky Ball Roulette

Lucky Ball Roulette is an exciting Roulette side bet that is offered by several popular online casinos. With this side bet, players can win a significant amount if their bet on the coloured lucky ball turns out to be correct.

In both online and live Roulette games, there’s a dedicated betting area for the Lucky Ball Roulette side bet. With that, players have the option to place wagers on any or all of the four different coloured sections. While the colours tend to differ from one online casino to another, the betting section usually features blue, green, red and yellow colours on most gambling platforms.

Speaking about the Lucky Ball Roulette gameplay, you first need to place a bet on a specific colour. But you can always choose to wager on more than one colour if you want to. Interestingly, players don’t necessarily need to place traditional bets in order to go with the Lucky Ball Roulette side bet.

Once done with taking the required wagers, the dealer announces no more bets and puts the ball on the spinning wheel. At this point, four unique numbers are generated for each colour. Then as soon as the spinning wheel comes to a stop, a bonus payout is awarded to any of the four coloured bets randomly. Depending on the casino you choose to play at, the bonus payout can range anywhere between 6:1 and 120:1.

Jackpot Street Double Six

Jackpot Street Double Six is an interesting side bet to wager on in Roulette. Consisting of a set of 12 side bets, the outcome of Jackpot Street Double Six is based on the Roulette spin and the roll of two six-sided dice.

This Roulette side bet is usually found in the classic European Roulette game. As the European Roulette features a total of 36 numbers that actually pay, the 12 Jackpot Street Double Six side wagers get assigned to a row of three numbers each.

As you’d guess, this side wager wins if the ball comes to a stop in any of the numbers of your selected row. When playing at a live casino, the final payout of this bet is based on the roll of the dice, given below:

  • Six on both dice pays 90:1
  • Six on a single die pays 17:1
  • If neither dice has a six, the payout is 5:1

Roul 8

This Roulette side wager makes use of an infinity dice, which has five sides blank and one side featuring the infinity symbol. The Roul 8 side betting option is available in all European Roulette versions, and you can also find it in some American Roulette games.

Here, the gameplay starts with the dealer spinning the Roulette wheel. After this, the three infinity dice are rolled. As with other dice-based mobile casino games, the dice in Roul 8 are either rolled by hand or shaken by using a special rolling machine.

In a Roul 8 game, wins are based on the number of dice that show the infinity symbol and whether or not the ball comes to a stop on the number 8. The final payout here starts at 0:1 and goes all the way up to 888:1.

Roulette call bets explained

Besides the above-mentioned side bets, Roulette players can also go with call bets (or announced bets). While the Roulette call bets are exclusive to the French version of online Roulette, they’re pretty exciting to wager on.

Voisins du Zero - This Roulette bet covers 17 numbers on the French wheel, starting from 22 and going all the way up to 25. Translating as ‘Neighbours of Zero’ in English, this wager requires a total of 9 chips.

Tiers du Cylindre - Meaning ‘thirds of the wheel’, this wager covers exactly one-third section of the wheel. The numbers of this wager start at 27 and end at 33.

Orphelins - This French Roulette wager covers two small segments of 3 and 5 numbers (8 numbers in total). As you’d guess, the numbers here – 9, 31, 14, 20, 1, 6, 34, and 17 – are the ones that aren’t included in the other two Roulette announced bets.