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All You Need to Know About Slot Machine Wild Symbols

All You Need to Know About Slot Machine Wild Symbols

Playing simple online games won’t make much difference in your player profile. This is where online casino games kick in and make it better than usual. Here, there will be lots and lots of super formulas to make your roll and cashouts reward filled. For this, you need to know some special slot symbols and their rolling tactics. One such symbol will be the wild symbol. If you get the hang of it, then there will be tons and tons of rolling bonuses rolling your way.

How it all started

In simple terms, you can call a wild symbol an ‘enhancer’. This means, your online slot game gets enhanced with the landing and falling of this very infamous wild symbol making you the king of the game. If you can land this symbol at any point in your game, it will basically transform your play to the next level and will shower a thousand stars at the cashout period.

In layman's term, wild symbols are substitute symbols for the ordinary ones. If you can’t get lucky with the fall of combination icons, these wild icons will provide you with better play and win with just some minor spins. These wild icons are like slot bonuses and if you land these with the correct luck and throw, you can even get the whole game’s value with just a single spin. This means you can get lucky with just one of these symbols instead of rolling each and everyone in the symbol tray. How cool is that!

The Working Principle

You don’t need to know anything scientific to spin and win the wilds. Just consider it as a regular spinning symbol and it will do all the magic and wonders. These substituting symbols can make a ton of super rewards if you just land one wild. That’s more than enough to end the whole game with you becoming the central winner. The wild symbol usually will be in a special character as the game’s logo or as a character symbol.

Usually, these will be in an animated format making it special and visibly fantastic. This is to make your gaming experience truly playful.

The Difference 

There are lots of wilds, and these can make varied bonuses and rewards depending upon where they stand and what value they possess. So, in order to win everything from the wild feature, you need to know everything about the wild. This includes the wide variety of wilds and their values.

There are usually five styles of wilds. The random wilds, stacked wilds, sticky wilds, moving wilds and straight wilds. All these are based on what game they represent and how much they can give out in total. Some wilds will be comparatively high giving than the rest. But some will only give according to how you spin and at what level you are playing. Anyhow, wilds are much better than the regulars since they can do the needful to make you the largest winner of your game. So, before spinning your reels, get to know more about the wilds and what symbols they possess. Sometimes, you won’t know whether you are spinning and tackling a wild.

The Super Powers of Wild

  • It’s really a blessing in disguise making your simple spins wild and reward filled. It may not show out like it has potential, but in reality, wilds are more powerful than regulars. 
  • Wilds are catalysts. They enhance and power up your play and make your winning twice beautiful and engaging. 
  • The flexibility which you get through wilds will be the next addition. You can win from minimal rewards to high-sounding ones within a matter of seconds. 


Apart from all these, there are a lot more additions and positives about wilds. All you have to do here is to find the wilds and use them wisely. That’s why the developers have made these symbols in a standing-out colour and animation.

Closing Words on Wilds

Well.Well.Well. Wilds are the wilds of all slot games and casinos. Without these, nobody can score high than the limit. With just one single wild fall, you can make up to trillion extra points. This can’t be done with your regular symbols. That’s the difference between your wilds and the regulars. So, from now on, try to learn more about the wild icons and spin them with all your sheer power and fun to get the 100% of your play. If the wilds can’t make you win, no other symbol, icon or feature can!