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RouletteTournaments: What Are They and How Do They Work?

RouletteTournaments: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Casino gambling venues are always on the lookout for ways to offer an exceptional casino gaming experience. Today, online gambling venues offer a vast selection of games and tournaments to keep their players engaged and entertained.

Roulette tournaments are an exciting and interesting way to enjoy Roulette games online. Here’s an article that explains to you the basics of these Roulette competitions. Also, we detail the pros and cons of playing Roulette tournaments online. Read on!

Basics of Roulette Tournaments

Before explaining to you the working of Roulette tournaments, let’s have a look at the basics of these competitions. Roulette tournaments or tourneys differ from standard Roulette games in a variety of ways. First, these competitions pit you against other players instead of the house.          

Secondly, it’s possible for you to make use of a Roulette system to boost your winning chances. This is in contrast to classic Roulette where the only major strategy at your disposal is choosing Roulette variations that come with the lowest casino advantage.

Of course, winning in Roulette tournaments is still based on the element of luck. But you can make the most of your Roulette gaming action by following a proper Roulette tournament strategy.

The Working of Roulette Tournaments Explained

Roulette tournaments are available at both land-based casino and online gambling venues. In the case of brick-and-mortar casinos, you’ll most likely be informed about Roulette tourneys through a promotional newsletter.

As for online casinos, you can go through their promotions page to check what Roulette competitions are going on. All the top online gambling venues like ours run exciting Roulette tourneys from time to time.

There’s usually an entry fee associated with Roulette tournaments. Thankfully, the buy-in amount is usually £5 or below. So, players of all budgets can easily take part in these competitions.

After paying the entry fee, you’ll be given a pre-defined chip stack (let’s say £1,000). You can then use these chips to wager through a series of gameplay rounds. Here’s an example of what a Roulette competition might look like:

  • Buy-in amount of £5.
  • A maximum of 64 players allowed – divided across eight tables.
  • Top point scorer from each table advance to the final round.
  • Every gameplay round features ten spins.
  • The prize amounts are £500, £250 and £150 for the first, second and third winners respectively.
  • Every player start with a chip stack of 100 chips.
  • You must bet more than 10 chips on every round. The max limit isn’t capped.

This is just one of the many ways in which a Roulette tournament might unfold at our casino UK. Some Roulette competitions may go on for multiple rounds. But others might end in just a single round. Also, Roulette competitions usually require you to wager in turn instead of all at once.

Freeroll Roulette Tournaments and Buy-in Competitions

Freeroll Roulette tourneys can be found at both land-based and online gambling venues. Also referred to as “Roulette freerolls”, these competitions don’t require you to pay a buy-in amount. But there’s a real money prize amount up for grabs.

As mentioned earlier, the Roulette tourneys can be found in the “Promotions” tab or the games lobby of the online casino. In the case of land-based casinos, you may be informed about the competition via a newsletter or an email.

The prize pool for freeroll tournaments isn’t as big as buy-in competitions. But you still have the chance to grab a decent prize amount if you get lucky. Also, it’s important to note that freeroll competitions are somewhat rarer to find than paid competitions.

Pros and Cons of Roulette Tournaments

Below we’ve detailed the advantages and disadvantages of playing Roulette tournaments:


No House Edge 

Roulette tournaments aren’t played against the house. So, you don’t have to worry about the casino advantage.

Try Something New 

 Roulette competitions are an exciting take on classic Roulette and offer you the chance to try something new.

Place a Variety of Bets 

 Roulette tournaments allow you to go with a variety of different betting options. You can choose to place inside bets, outside bets and Roulette side bets.

Chance to Grab Significant Prizes 

When playing Roulette tournaments, you stand the chance to grab significant prizes if you get lucky.


You Need to Know the Rules 

 As a Roulette tournament player, you need to know the rules of these competitions beforehand. You can check out the top Roulette books to get an in-depth overview of these competitions.

Roulette Tournaments are Volatile 

The betting options in Roulette tournaments are the same as standard Roulette. But you won’t be able to control the volatility associated with earning the prize amount.